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Bob On Gold and Why You Need It Bookmark

Gold? Isn't that Dead?

I'm sure all of you remember Alan "Bubbles" Greenspan. He was the Fed head chief for years and presided over such lunacy as the tech bubble in the late 90's, through the credit expansion and beginning of the housing bubble from

Bob On Peter Schiff, a "GOOD" Candidate Bookmark

The only way to Rescue America is to vote out the bought and paid for Congressmen that bend over back wards to help their banker buddies and Corporate fascist buddies at our expense. Surely no one that is running for office is perfect, but there are upright individuals that

Bob On Silver and Gold Manipulation Bookmark

 Gold and Silver Manipulation.

We told you it's been happening for years, now it's been "blown wide open" at the CFTC hearings. 

We wonder what will happen?!


NOTE> on April  12 Even the NY Post picked up the story. This is the first time something along the lines

Bob On Al Sharpton Saying a "vote for Obama was a vote for socialism" Bookmark

It really doesn't matter what you look at, or how you look at it, the President's agenda is right out of the "new world order" socialist hand book. From "making" people buy healthcare, to taking ownership in companies such as GM, Chrysler, AIG, etc, he has opened the door to

Insiders Club 4-12-2010 Bookmark


12:00 ish

Out of sheer boredom, or maybe it was madness I took on two positions. I took WFR at 16.10 and CRM at 80.02.

I don't trust either of them to be honest with you. This market feels very nervous. Shakey. Scared,

Insiders Club 4-9-2010 Bookmark


1:06 pm

This chop will kill ya. Up/down, up.down. Look at GS. We took it, it ran for over 60 cents a share, and then rolled over and we sold out flat.
This morning LTD sold us off flat, and now it's

Insiders Club 4-8-2010 Bookmark





I took LTD on the push over 26.00 but it's been a failed breakout so far. I will give it wiggle room to 25.74

1000 MS at 30.27  Hard stop at 30.10
1000 LTD at 26.02  hard stop at

Insiders Club 4-7-2010 Bookmark



We watched CRM start to fall and decided to sell some out. So, we sold half at 78.20. But then the market got hit with a couple sell progams and CRM kept falling. We stopped out the second half at 77.80.

Insiders Club 4-6-2010 Bookmark



What a strange morning. But then again, aren't they all lately?

Yesterday PCX dipped hard and should have stopped us out. It didn't. Today JOYG dipped the same way, didn't look like it took me out, and sure enough it

Insiders Club 4-5-2010 Bookmark



Well, I took some PCX as it crossed 22.00 It's a bit jumpy, but I think it's going to be okay, as long as the market doesn't roll over.

Our other one, JOYG has been all over the map, but

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