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Insiders Club 10-16-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update


Remember a few months ago when we were socked in with a "noreaster" here on the Jersey shore? We had some flooding, wind and rain. Well that was just the warm up bench for the "thing" that descended on us

Insiders Club 10-15-2009 Bookmark


After the close

Hey folks, a bit of an apology here. Although I never designed this "insiders Club" to be a daytrading tool, somehow I did get in the habit of posting almost every day, and frankly it wasn't designed for that either. But

Insiders Club 10-14-2009 Bookmark


The morning went exactly as planned. We gapped up big, then ran for a few minutes, then faded off, then bounced. Since then we've been stuck in neutral, just wiggling around.

For all the supposed excitement, I frankly didn't see anything that

Insiders Club 10-13-2009 Bookmark



Oh well, easy come easy go. We watched LLTC fall and fall, and we hopped out just above our entry. So, hindsight says we should have sold it at all yesterday, but alas we didn't, we sold half and held half in case they

Insiders Club 10-12-2009 Bookmark



Today is one of those days where they did the bulk of their heavy lifting in the opening minutes, and then things have settled into a tight range. The good news is that a lot of the list we put out

Insiders Club 10-9-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update



Well after a wild week a few things have settled down this morning, which frankly is already overdue. Gold pulled in a few dollars today, and the market is "struggling" to remain green as the dollar has finally bounced

Insiders Club-10-8-2009 Bookmark


 2:09 pm

Whew this is a lot of updates for one day, but I just figured I'd let you know where we're at.

I made a misprint before on our current holds list concerning ANR, we didn't get it at 31.14, we got it at 36.14, I

Insiders Club 10-7-2009 Bookmark



We've seen a lot of chop today, and I had a hunch we might, so let's recap a bit so you know where I'm at.

I mentioned this am that if I saw things going sour, I wasn't against selling some shares

Insiders Club 10-6-2009 Bookmark




The market has retreated from this mornings orgy, with the DOW up 120 now. ( We had printed 160)

As you know, this is what we have:

4000 shares AMZN at 90.00
4000 PXD at 36.77

Insiders Club 10-5-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update



Good morning everyone, I trust you had a good weekend? We were blessed with some tremendous weather up here in the Northeast, and for an October day, it was spectacular. Warm, sunny, calm. Wow, don't we wish they could

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