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Insiders Club 3-10-2010 Bookmark




It's been an interesting day. We've been green and we've been red by 30 and back to green by some 17. In an odd sense it's a victory for the bulls, since we had a chance to roll over and didn't.

Insiders Club 3-9-3010 Bookmark


10:35 ish

Okay an interesting morning considering how "flat" the market is.

First some housekeeping.

FCX hit our stop and I am out. We went in at 77.11 and just sold out at 79.77, which I think is

Insiders Club 3-8-2010 Bookmark



Well I did go ahead and buy DELL, as it looked like it was ready to take out 14 and hold it. But, after running to 14.07, it couldn't hold and fell back. Then it ran to 14.04 and fell back. I am going

Insiders Club 3-5-2010 Bookmark



Well the morning session has gone well for the bulls. They used the baloney jobs report to push us higher and "everything" is working.

I didn't mean to lie to anyone when I said I "might" not do anything

Insiders Club 3-3-2010 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update


Good morning all. Today is day one of traveling back from FL to NJ, so I won't be updating the IC today. ( or tomorrow)

I just wanted to post a note about our positions and stops


Insiders Club 3-2-2010 Bookmark


noon ish

So far soo good is still the order of the day. I wanted to flip you a note telling you that I did go ahead and take some FCX as it crossed that 77.00 line and it's now at 77.91, so, that's working

Insiders Club 3-1-2010 Bookmark


1:00 ish

With the morning up so nice, and CLF up over 2 dollars for us, I decided to "take half". So I've sold 1000 CLF at 58.08 leaving 1000 at the original buy in price of 56.02/3/4 that's a nice pocket change pick up

Insiders Club 2-26-2010 Bookmark


11:00 ish

Okay, so far so good. We opened flat and here it is at 11 and we're still statistically flat. I think that this day will continue to be flat, and that we probably end with a slight tinge of green. Why? Well when

Insiders Club 2-25-2010 Bookmark



Sorry for the delay folks, as you might imagine I'm knee deep (literally) in snow, slush and freezing rain. Now NOAA says we're probably going to see the town underwater too, as this monster low sucks water up onto the shore. What a nightmare.

Insiders Club 2-24-2010 Bookmark



Okay, the wild swings continue although you'd not really know it looking at the overall averages. Yet it was a good idea to sell half our holds in AAPL and SPY because sure enough the "other half" came down and stopped us

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