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Insiders Club 8-24-2009 Bookmark



This is pretty "funky" action folks. Look at IBM. It blasted through 120.00 and raced for 80 cents. Then as the market got soft it stalled. In the past twenty minutes it simply "gave up the ghost".  We didn't wait for it to hit our stop,

Insiders Club 8-21-2009 Bookmark



Just a quick note that I took on some CBI as it crossed over 15.00 a few minutes ago. I hate buying anything with the market this high and I fear it's going to get tossed back in my face. But the resistance

Insiders Club 8-20-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update


This has been an awfully interesting morning folks. The Initial jobless report hit and it stunk out loud. Another 576K people had to sign up for first time benefits. The continuing claims rose also, despite many coming to the end

Insiders Club 8-19-2009 Bookmark



Well wasn't that fun? As I said I had taken FSYS, and it instantly ran for about 20 cents, and then Whoosh, over it went and I had to sell out flat.  Don't you hate that? I sure do. But as I said, I

Insiders Club 8-18-2009 Bookmark

 Insiders Club Update


Most of you know by now that unless we're carrying a lot of positions, or buying and selling frantically, you will usually only get one post for the day, sometimes not even that. So, you might wonder why I'm

Insiders Club 8-17-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update:



Yawn. So, I wake up this am, and the DOW futures are down 190. Obviously someone's mood had soured and I went on the hunt to find out why. Asia had a big down day, and it had spilled over to our

Insiders Club 8-14-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update

1:30 pm

Well the stocks rolled over today, and just "sat there" all day. Now of course the question is, are they going to rush back in at the close or roll us lower? I have no clue.

I'd guess

Insiders Club 8-13-2009 Bookmark



The market is accelerating to the downside, and things are tailing off a bit. Don't let the market take your profits folks. Now I'm hearing that Cramer might come out suggesting the market might be due for a pulldown. That nut has a lot of crazy followers, so

Insiders Club 8-12-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update


Okay, it's obvious that today has confounded me a bit. When we opened the futures were red and on absolutely no news what so ever, we raced higher. I didn't expect that. I really did think we'd be flat until the FED

Insiders Club 8-11-2009 Bookmark



Well our stop on the SPY's just fired off, and we sold them at 99.99.  Once again that's not so shabby, we got them at 91.97. so that's a grand trade!

Our list of holds has certainly diminished this am! Here's the latest list:

6K shares GDX at 39.48 NO

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