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Insiders Club 7-16-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update

3:15 PM

GRRR!  I was really hoping the market didn't "roar higher" till the 3:30 time slot , but it popped at 2:30 instead. Okay, no problem.

First order of business is BAC. We said we'd sell it some time today

Insiders Club 7-15-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update


Well golly ghee. Lookey here, a rally.

Built on what? Goldmans manipulation of their earnings, and Intel charging off everything but the toilet paper. But, as we suggested a while back, this was probably the plan. While

Insiders Club 7-14-2009 Bookmark


10:40 am

Okay the whipsaw continues. So, let's clean up the current holds list to keep you up to date on what's going on.

This morning I said I'd let all of the balance of  IBM float, but I'd hard stop it at 102.75.

Insiders Club 7-13-2009 Bookmark



Wow what a wild ride that was for a few minutes eh? Not seconds after I published the first update, in which we talked about IBM being attractive over 102.00, IBM went on a tear, pounding past 102.00 and roaring up to 102.83.  We

Insiders Club 7-10-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update


1 pm

Good "boring" afternoon folks. Has the market put you to sleep yet? Let's chat a minute.

This week has done nothing but chop sideways and down. What was hot yesterday is cold today. What was cold

Insiders Club 7-9-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update


Yawn. That's about all I can say so far as we've wiggled up and down, back and forth and basically gone nowhere yet. At times you can feel the pressure to push things higher, then the pressure fades as

Insiders Club 7-8-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update

Ahead of the Open

In every bear market rally for the past couple hundred years, the rally gets punctuated by fast sharp sell offs that take your breath away. But that said, this market is indeed much different than any previous market anyone's

Insiders Club 6-7-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update


10:30 am

Good morning all, lets take "stock" (ha) of what's going on out there.

The overall market mood is pretty sour. As much as they want to believe in the green shoots, each and every day brings us more

Insiders Club 7-6-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update 7.6.09


Good morning folks. I'm hoping you all had a great weekend?  My week was going along pretty well until I ran into that little (big) dental problem last week. Go figure right? I guess after 52 years, one of my mail back teeth

Insiders Club 7-2-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update



when it rains it pours

As luck would have it I busted a tooth last night while doing nothing more than eating dinner. Go figure. So it's been a hectic day here as I try and sneak into my parent's dentist

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