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Insiders Club - 1.16.2015 Bookmark


Yesterday I opened the day by saying we might have to tighten up our seatbelts. Today it looks like we might have to snug up our shoulder straps too.....

The fall out from the Swiss decision yesterday to unleash the peg from the Euro is still sweeping around the globe and the fall out is already starting. I mentioned to you all that this was going to create issues, and sure enough we are hearing of two currency brokers already that have declared insolvency over this. There will be more to come.

1.15.2015 The Swiss Go Nuts Bookmark

Overnight, the Swiss national bank pulled two incredible moves...

First they cut their overnight rates to -0.75%. Yes you read that right. If you're an institution and you place money in the Swiss National bank it's going to cost you about a percent for the honor of doing so. But that wasn't nearly as "wild" as cutting the peg to the Euro. What they did there was remove the ceiling that the Franc could extend above the Euro, and it instantly soared higher on the news.

Insiders club - 1.15.2015 Bookmark


We might need to tighten the seatbelts today.....

Last night the futures continued higher and higher. It looked like the "double bottom" I mentioned in the Newsletter last night was holding and the traders were willing to put in a snapback form of a rally. But then something happened....

The Swiss National bank decided out of the clear blue that they would 1) cut interest rates to NEGATIVE 0.75% and 2) they would remove the ceiling caps on their currency in regard to its relation to the Euro. 

1.14.2015 Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

What Choice?

I want to take a quick break from making any more 2015 predictions, so that we can talk about some “push back” I’ve been getting from a few folks. That’s GREAT because I love a good heated discussion, so let’s jump right in.  Right now my view for 2015 is that we get one small rate hike of just one quarter of one point and NO new QE.

Unless you’re one of the 1%, you know things aren’t so hot. The economy is indeed surviving, but it’s artificial. The term “zombie” comes to mind, as it is being kept artificially alive. They’ve kept it afloat by a multitude of tricks and gimmicks, and most people forget just how persuasive the manipulations have become.

1.14.2015 Even More Volatility? Bookmark

Yesterday I talked about the insane volatility we've been seeing and boy has that carried through into today. In the past 27 hours, we've seen the market fall almost 700 points. Even here at the 2 pm time slot the DOW is off 305 points.  But we're seeing volatility and crazy moves everywhere. Just a few hours ago, the 30 year hit its ALL TIME LOW yield. Can you imagine that?

Our Newsletter, "The Financial Intelligence Report" will be posted to the web site at about 6 pm, so please stop by and read that. We're going to be talking about Central bank frustrations, the Fed's view on rates, all sorts of things. It should be a good read.

Insiders Club - 1.14.2015 Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome to Wednesday....

Yesterday afternoon I said  "But this is the age of insane volatility, and who knows what the last two hours will bring. I won't be surprised if we jump 150, or fall for another hundred" 

Well what we got was more wild swings. Consider the day as a whole. We were up 284 points in the morning. Then we fell all they way back, not ONLY to red... we plunged 140 points red, before they rushed us back up and we came within a dozen points of going green again.  We ended the day with the DOW off 27.

SeaSick Yet? Bookmark

Seasick yet?

I've been in this game for quite a while and I really can't remember a time where the volatility was as bad as this. 300 point up days followed by 170 point fades, followed by 100 point drops, only to see a 285 point rally day.....and so it goes. The chop is vicious.

Insiders Club - 1.13.2015 Bookmark


Morning folks.... ready for another ride on the roller coaster? Hold onto your hat.

Yesterday, the futures were strong, but continued to fade as we got closer to the open. Then we put in a long grinding session, ultimately losing about 100 DOW points on the day.

Early this morning the futures were pretty soggy, but then we got some economic data out of China that the algo-bots thought was wonderful, and Europe perked up and our futures went "big green". The question is, will they hold this time, or will the market run out of steam again?

1.12.2015 Insane Chop Continues Bookmark

We've seen one of the volatile starts to a new year than I can remember. I've been doing this for about 20 years,and I'm hard pressed to think of a time when we've seen this much up and down chop this early in the year. Just a quick look at last week sums it up. We fall some, then "boom" up we go for over 300. But that sells off on Friday by 170 points.

Insiders Club - 1.12.2015 Bookmark


Good morning everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend, and the weather wasn't too ugly for you. Last week I had a terrible bout of the flu, which no doubt knocked me for a loop. But by Sunday I figured I was well enough to at least take our walk along the beach. Wow, I couldn't believe how much that virus took out of me. Just a mile into the walk, I had to stop and sit down. I was just exhausted.  (we generally do two miles minimum)

So we stopped where we were, got some sun, and then meandered back at a leisurely pace.  It was worth it, it was a beautiful day.

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