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Insiders Club-8-12-2013 Bookmark


Well they've done a magnificent job of keeping the market running in place. After the soggy open, they clawed us back to green, but since then we've wandered in a 25 point range mostly with the DOW off about 10 points.

That's actually good strength considering

Nerve Gas, Japan debt, and Weekend Musings... Bookmark

Weekends are supposed to be slow and easy going. Not so today. We learned that at the mail facility at JFK airport someone sent a package full of VX nerve gas, which has sickened two people and sent them to the Hospital. While the airport is open, they have several

Taper or No Taper? That is the biggest question of all. Bookmark

This Sunday we're going to dissect the discussion about whether the Federal Reserve is going to taper the amount of QE they're employing or if they're going to leave it at 85 billion a month. As you all know the only reason the market is at the levels it is

Insiders Club-8-9-2013 Bookmark


Morning all, we've made it to Friday! Yay!

It has been an interesting week to be sure. We lost an important technical level, we saw a ton of 52 week lows get posted, and we saw some of the lowest volumes in years.

What's it all

Insiders Club-8-8-2013 Bookmark


Quite an interesting day, eh? We opened big, gained 86 points and then rolled down hill losing all that and going red by 40. Then like 'magic" they recovered all that and pushed us back up by 50. Now heading into the last hour we've got the DOW

China Lies Again? Bookmark


Overnight the Chinese ministry put out a huge amount of fluff economic news and all of it was "better than expected"... (now there's something new)

But in any event it didn't levitate the morning futures as news like that usually does. So we expected a

Insiders Club-8-7-2013 Bookmark


I did a major typo on that list of dividend payers... it should be MVO, not MOV and sheesh, I printed it wrong twice! Sorry about that.

Okay, so they've clawed us back to some extent, now down just 48 at the 2:00 pm time slot.

Insiders Club-8-6-2013 Bookmark


So, we dropped about 150 points this morning then crawled our way back some. For the bulk of the day we've been hovering with the DOW off about 90 and the S&P just under that 1700 level.

There's a lot of questions. Does today

Insiders Club-8-5-2013 Bookmark


We picked up a couple issues today that are "trying" to hold up. If you remember we've been carrying just two positions in the short term trading account.. that would be MMM and TEX.

400 MMM at 17.31 stop at entry
800 TEX

Insiders Club-8-2-2013 Bookmark


Well there you have it. A completely lousy jobs number where we got less jobs created, the ones created are junk, and the hours worked and earnings were weak. In a "normal" market that would have meant the bottom falls out of the stock market and everyone

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