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5.11.20165 - Ponder This Bookmark

Last night the API put out a report saying that there was a 3.4 million barrel build up of crude oil. Well the market has been trading a lot lately in tandem with the direction of crude. So this morning the DOW and S&P was pretty red. But then something interesting happened. Just as we were picking up steam to the downside, the DOE oil inventory number hit and they said that we had a 3.6 million barrel DRAW DOWN.  So instantly oil perked up and the DOW/S&P started sprinting higher.

Well obviously one of them has to be wrong. But which one? Consider that the API numbers are privately generated while the DOE numbers come straight from Uncle Sam and you can pretty much bet, Uncle's numbers were made up for the sole reason of pushing stocks higher.  It worked for a while. The S&P was down 10 points before the DOE report and was down just 1 shortly after. But it couldn't hold and we faded lower. This is what passes for a "free" market in 2016. 

1.5.2015 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Morning everyone, welcome to more strange times....

You probably all know what happened yesterday. At one point we were down 470 DOW points and well over 45 on the S&P. But a late day "save", probably engineered by the Central planners, cut those losses in half.

Insiders Club - 6.15.2015 Bookmark


Hi everyone, welcome back from your weekend.

Insiders Club - 5.11.2015 Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome back from your Mothers Day weekend. I hope all you mom's out there had a wonderful day of breakfast in bed, kids doing the laundry and dads pampering you!  ( hey even one out of three would be great, right?!)

Insiders Club - 3.3.2015 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to your Tuesday

Yesterday the market pushed and pushed, determined to get the NASDAQ to that magic 5000 so that everyone could think that everything is wonderful. There was really no "good news" to send things higher, it was just "Monday". Or it was just "the first day of the month" . Or it was a handful of other non events. But what ever the reason, they put in a big day.

Isn't it sort of funny that every single time the market even gives the hint that it's ready to roll over and correct a bit, they simply jam it higher? It certainly is. Back on Friday the market looked like it might be ready for a pause. The DOW transports hadn't confirmed the DOW's new highs, and it made sense that we might fade off a bit and test the breakout levels to see if they'd function as support. But no...there was to be none of that.

1.28.2015 Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Technology Take Over…

Sometimes it is hard for me to keep my head buried in the place it is supposed to be, that being this thing we call economics and the financial structure. Why? Because each moment that passes is a new milestone for us. In other words, today we know more than we did yesterday. Tomorrow we will know more than we did today. Each day that goes on brings us new intelligence, new questions, new experiences. Sometimes the changes that are brought by these new events leads us to tremendous investing opportunities.  Who wouldn't have wanted to be on the ground floor when Polaroid camera debuted its new technology? Who wouldn't have wanted to be an "Angel" investor in Johnson and Johnson back in 1885 when they were creating the first "ready to use" bandages? Who wouldn't have wanted to be the first investors in this new upstart called "MicroSoft" so many years ago?  

Insiders Club - 1.13.2015 Bookmark


Morning folks.... ready for another ride on the roller coaster? Hold onto your hat.

Yesterday, the futures were strong, but continued to fade as we got closer to the open. Then we put in a long grinding session, ultimately losing about 100 DOW points on the day.

Early this morning the futures were pretty soggy, but then we got some economic data out of China that the algo-bots thought was wonderful, and Europe perked up and our futures went "big green". The question is, will they hold this time, or will the market run out of steam again?

12.23.2014 DOW 18K! Bookmark

Today  the DOW surpassed 18,000 for the first time ever. That's pretty heady stuff considering we were almost in danger of losing DOW 17K just a week ago. They were so excited by it, that Art Cashin actually wore a DOW 18K hat on CNBC. How sad.

Insiders Club - 12.22.2014 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to Christmas week!

For the most part the Christmas week generally brings us a low volume move slightly higher. Most of the upper level traders are already in the Hamptons celebrating the Holiday's, leaving the junior traders to "don't do anything stupid".

But because the volumes are so low, it is fairly easy for a single big order to order to move the underlying stock, so we oft times see outsized moves in single issues.

Insiders Club 12.19.2014 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to Friday, and another day closer to Christmas....

Before we get started I want to relate a fun  personal note here for a second. Yesterday I got a phone call from a man I know whom I've become "phone buddies" with over the last 5 or 6 years. He's a radio host up on the Connecticut area, and he has me on about once every two months or so for our view of things. A truly good host, he encourages some great discussion. Yesterday when the phone rang and I saw the number, I said to myself...Oh, he's probably got an interview he'd like me to do"....

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