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Insiders Club- 12.4.2014 Bookmark


Morning all....

Well at 8 am the first thing we learned is that the ECB has left rates "unchanged". Well there's a surprise eh?  They certainly couldn't raise them, and since they're basically at 0 now, cutting seems pretty desperate.  So, shortly after the ECB announcement, the US futures were up about 15 points on the DOW, 2 on the S&P. Now of course all eyes will be on Mario Draghi, as they expect him to plead the case for massive QE, something he's been jawboning about for two years.

10.22.2014 No European Bond Buying?? Bookmark

Danger Will Robinson!  Or something like that....This entire snapback rally has been manufactured by a couple Fed heads suggesting that maybe QE can stay in place for longer, and some bogus headlines out of Europe suggesting that the ECB was about to go on its own bond buying spree.  Well guess what? Two European ECB officials have now denied that they're doing anything of the sort.  Isn't that interesting?

Insiders Club - 10.22.2014 Bookmark



Well that was fun. Just because the Central banks jawboned about possibly extending QE, we've rallied hundreds of points. It wasn't because we opened more small businesses, or cut taxes or cured cancer...nope. Just the hint that the Fed punchbowl might get refilled fired them up.

But now the ECB has denied that it is going to go on a bond buying spree twice already

Insiders Club - 10.21.2014 Bookmark


Good morning folks, the madness continues.......

Yesterday the S&P put in a good showing, and even the DOW made it to slightly greed despite IBM missing earnings by a mile. After the close and Apple's earnings, there was a flurry of futures action, and then the air started coming out. Futures were drifting lower and once again there was the all too familiar "save".

10.17.2014 ECB to the Rescue? Bookmark

Last night the futures were flat for hours. Then about a half hour after Europe opened, our futures started soaring higher. Why? One of the European Central bank heads said that a QE style asset purchase plan was going to start in just days. That's all it took for the Algo-robots to pick up on it and send European stocks higher. That instantly spread to the US futures and we come into the open with the DOW futures up about 170 points.

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