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12.4.2014 Draghi Cuts Eurozone Growth Estimates Bookmark

Before I forget...let me mention that the latest free newsletter is posted at investyourself.com. Please check it out.  Okay, so Mario Draghi is jawboning over in Europe and he's slashed the  Eurozone's growth estimates for 2015, saying that he's going to visit monetary policy early in 2015. That's not what the market wanted to hear and the futures fell on it.

Remember folks ALL the market cares about is printing money and they don't care if it is the Fed's,Japan or Europe. Draghi just isn't giving them all they want and they're pouting about it.

Insiders Club- 12.4.2014 Bookmark


Morning all....

Well at 8 am the first thing we learned is that the ECB has left rates "unchanged". Well there's a surprise eh?  They certainly couldn't raise them, and since they're basically at 0 now, cutting seems pretty desperate.  So, shortly after the ECB announcement, the US futures were up about 15 points on the DOW, 2 on the S&P. Now of course all eyes will be on Mario Draghi, as they expect him to plead the case for massive QE, something he's been jawboning about for two years.

Insiders Club - 11.21.2014 Bookmark


All Aboard the slowing growth train!!!

Just when I thought that the madness couldn't get much larger, I wake up today to soaring futures. And what was the cause of all this glee? Evidently the world is slowing so badly that China has announced a surprise rate cut to spur more activity. Following on the heels of China, Draghi ran to the nearest microphone to scream that the ECB will go all in, doing everything in its power to do more QE. That got people as far away as India thinking that they too might want to do "more stimulus".

Insiders Club - 11.13.2014 Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome to Thursday.

Yesterday was a long grinding session of ...."sideways".  After a brief 60 point drop at the open, the market moved back to the unchanged level and wobbled around it for virtually the entire session. Coming into the last few minutes, they tried to make the averages green for the close, but they missed by a couple points.

11.6.2014 Draghi Jawbones Again! Bookmark

Our futures were a bit red this morning, willing to take a break after yesterdays post election pop higher. But lurking in the shadows was Mario Draghi from the ECB. While the first news release was that the ECB was holding rates "unchanged" we figured we'd hear something out of Prince Draghi.

Insiders Club - 11.6.2014 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to another day of very interesting news flow...

We all know what happened yesterday. The Elections were over, and the market put in a push higher. Maybe it was the hope of getting the Country going, maybe it was just a relief about finally getting past the Elections.

Our warning however was the one day does not a new trend make, AND we would be seeing more news that could influence the direction of the market. So, while it lookied and felt good, we aren't ready to come out and say "buy everything".

10.2.2014 Bankers Gone Wild! Bookmark

Coming into the day, one of the things the market was going to be hopeful of was that Mario Draghi would go "all in" on some form of QE for the European Union, since the markets simply love the idea of free money hand outs to nations that are basically in deep depression. So at 8:30 all eyes were on this ex-Goldman alumi, to hear his plans. Well he didn't spell it all out as more news releases are to be forthcoming, but from where I sit, he's gone wild.

Insiders Club - 10.1.2014 Bookmark

Good morning all, there's a lot to talk about....

The single biggest news item by far is one that I had a hunch would show up eventually and it did... Ebola is in the US. Something has been very very wrong with this particular Ebola outbreak since day one and frankly I'm not sure just what we're dealing with here. Let me give you an example of what I mean...

Insiders Club - 9.30.2014 Bookmark


Good morning all...

Well yesterday, after a 175 point plunge they fought the DOW back to being down just 41 for the close. The S&P however was the one that I found a bit too funny. Early in the session the S&P fell like a rock, and I said a couple times in updates that I'd figure they'd get the index back over 1976 because they wouldn't want to go into the close with the S&P under its 50 day moving average. Sure enough they poured on the coals and when the final bell rang, guess where it was? You got it... 1977.

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