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1.5.2015 Greece Rattles Europe Bookmark

Sometimes the confluence of events is so big, that you struggle to put the pieces together. There are just so many things happening globally that trying to figure out which one is responsible for a market reaction becomes a struggle. But there's no doubt that the problems in Greece are causing all manner of upheaval in Europe, and when Europe is having a bad hair day, it often affects us. But why?

Insiders Club - 1.5.2015 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to the new year, new week, and new twists and turns....

My morning is already a bit goofy. I use several computers on a daily basis, and this morning one of them simply refuses to boot up. So I've just wasted about an hour of my day trying most of the tricks that generally work when a computer is being stubborn, but to no avail yet.

So I'm already behind the 8 ball this morning, a horrible way to start the new  week!

Options Tutorial All In One Article! Bookmark

Options for Beginners

Recently I've had a rather unexpected increase in the amount of folks asking me about options.  I think the reason is simple, with so many stocks trading at insane prices, people are thinking that maybe going the option route makes more sense...but they're afraid of them. So for the next few issues we're going to break down common options and make it so that anyone can understand them. ( AND NOT FEAR THEM!) Basic options are just a trading tool and anyone can use them once you understand them.

For those of you who are new to the concept of options, take heart. Everyone started out just like you with no idea of what these things really are. For years the common thoughts were that options were for the "big boys" only and the "big boys" tried their best to keep it that way. Years ago I remember analysts saying that the average person shouldn't even think about trading options because he couldn't ever really understand the workings. Baloney! There is no reason that the average investor shouldn't use the tools available to make money in the market and options are some very important tools. So right off the bat, get it out of your mind that options are too advanced or too anything for you to understand. They are simply another investment tool, and if you understand how they work, and use them correctly, they will put money in your accounts.

1.2.2015 Starting off with lousy reports Bookmark

One might have thought that after setting record after record on the S&P during 2014 that maybe, just maybe we'd see some better economic reports. But no, we come into the first day of trading and what do we see? The PMI missed estimates, the ISM missed estimates and the construction spending fell to 6 month lows.

Insiders Club - 1.2.2015 Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome to the first trading day of the new year.

Entering into 2015, it is my belief that we are going to witness some tremendous upheavals this year. No I'm not just talking about the incessant market run up which will probably come to some form of an end...I'm talking about big picture items. I'm talking about the future of the Euro-zone, the rising importance of the BRICS, I'm talking about the Eur-Asian pacts. I'm talking about the West's push to see armed conflict in Russia. I'm talking about the eventual death of the US dollar as the reserve currency.

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