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Insiders Club-1-31-2013 Bookmark


Notice anything? Despite every reason on earth to sell this market all it does is back up a few points and hover. Then it starts climbing again.

This pattern has held for quite a while now, and frankly being the last day of the

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The Fed statement is out, and it didn't say anything they haven't said before. In fact it was sort of funny that they mentioned a slowdown of the economy in January because of weather... although it was nice. Yet they didn't mention Sandy, which created

Insiders-Club-1-29-2013 Bookmark


Wow. The sector rotation is fierce. Look at tech today, it's getting trashed. I thought LLTC was safe and it seems I was stopped out flat not 40 seconds into the day. I was stopped out of ORCL in the first minutes.

Considering ORCL

Insiders-Club-1-28-2013 Bookmark



When a market has run this far, and all it does to catch it's breath and tread water, it leads you to think there' s more up to come. We had every chance to fade off here, but they've kept the S&P down 1, and

Insiders Club-1-25-2013 Bookmark


Somehow I just got elected to run some errands that I really didn't want to have to do.... but to keep the peace I shall do the job. So, I figured I'd shoot a quick update out.

They've done exactly what I thought they'd do..

Insiders Club-1-24-2013 Bookmark


After being up 100, they decided to do a "stop hunt" and dipped the DOW all the way down to where it was up just 19. Then once everyone was panicked out, they stepped back in and up we went. As I type this ,we're up 57.

Insiders Club-1-23-2013 Bookmark



They haven't been shy about it... they've just poured it on. Part of it is because of this...

BREAKING: House votes to avert debt crisis, allow government borrowing through May 18; Senate to approve too.

So they've kicked a "worry can"

Insiders Club-1-22-2013 Bookmark



Well well. It seems that they are just going to rig the entire mess to make sure stocks just go up no matter what. Consider this for a minute...

I sold out of my positions this am, simply because we were at the

Insiders Club-1-18-2013 Bookmark



If the day ended right now, I'd say that my prediction for the day was perfect and we could focus on tomorrow. But alas, it's only an hour into the session. Yes we did get it right.... suggesting that because today is Friday

Insiders Club-1-17-2013 Bookmark


Its here.

The question is..will it last?This is text book break out stuff.The S&p  the transports....the Russel   are all out...all it has to do is hold the day.

As good as this looks...it has to confirm  the move.  If it is real...we have

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