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Insiders Club-10-31-2012 Bookmark


Morning folks.

Well, by now all of you have seen the news on TV. Sandy was indeed the "big one". I came up from Florida to try and secure my NJ shore house before she hit. I spent all Sunday

Insiders Club-10-26-2012 Bookmark


Well they've held us up all day, not willing to let the bottom fall out nor dig in and really buy anything. I think that's fairly constructive action. I didn't think and still don't think that they want to lose 13K, and this sort of slithering around

Insiders Club-10-25-2012 Bookmark


Well here we go again. All day they've done the pub crawl along the unchanged line, but heading into the final hour we've dipped a bit more than we have in the past couple hours. Granted we're only down 9, but that's significant on a day where

Insiders Club-10-24-2012 Bookmark


Hmmm, what to think? While they've kept us slightly green all day, there's no real lust for stocks going on. After the butt whipping drop from 13,588 just last Thursday, to yesterday's low at 13,080 one might have expected something more than a 4 point gain on

Insiders Club-10-23-2012 Bookmark


Well that was quite the flush out. They had us down 250 at times and now as we come into the last hour you'll probably see the market rise some. This can be true buying, but usually what happens is that on big down days, the daytraders

Insiders Club-10-22-2012 Bookmark


Okay folks. There's been a lot of selling, no doubt. At one point we were down over 100, and now we're down 79. The S&P has lost it's 50 day, and is flirting with losing some support it's got at the 1427/28 level. As I'm writing this,

Insiders Club-10-19-2012 Bookmark



I know I was hinting that I wouldn't be posting this afternoon, but I wanted to just give a heads up on what's going on today.

If you think back a couple weeks, I asked a question. The question was, would they

Insiders Club-10-18-2012 Bookmark


Maybe by now you know what's happened, or maybe not. The market was doing "okay". A bit weak at the open, and then started to climb after the first hour. It wasn't big, but we were up about 27 DOW points. Then out of the clear blue

Insiders Club-10-17-2012 Bookmark



NOTE>>> Some sites say  ECA reports tomorrow!!!  But the company web site says the 24th. I decided to sell back out for now.

What a crazy day. But heading into the close we're back to "flat" as I figured we might be.

Insiders Club-10-16-2012 Bookmark


Okay, it's an interesting day. Between yesterday and today we've gone from nearly falling off the cliff, to almost challenging the recent double top at 13,600. There's been some vicious sector rotations, look at the two coal stocks ACI and BTU.. Up big in the morning, selling

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