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Insiders Club-10.31.2013 Bookmark


So here we are. Yesterday we put in a dip day and for all intents, it was indeed a one day wonder. It's like the fix is in, they just go rabid each time the market is red for a day and they buy it up.

Insiders Club-10.30.2013 Bookmark


Well things are really getting bizarro now. For a couple weeks the market marched higher and higher on the idea of no October taper and a continuation of the 85 billion a month that Bernanke and Co. are pumping into the system. So today was indeed "meeting day"

Insiders Club-10.29.2013 Bookmark


Sometimes you just have to shake your head and laugh. The DOW is up 102 points. The economic reports on the day have been considerably less than stellar. IBM has to do a 15 billion dollar buy back, instead of capex spending on growth because no one's buying

Insiders Club-10.28.2013 Bookmark


The market seems to have decided that it doesn't want to do anything up or down with the Fed meeting lurking. So, it's in pause mode here. Looking around, I'm not seeing too many stocks that are calling out to me.

One of the old adages

Insiders Club-10.25.2013 Bookmark


Hey look! The market's up!

There's something new eh? Did it matter that durables stunk? Nope. Did it matter that consumer confidence came out the lowest in 2013? Nope.

Nothing matters but higher prices on stocks evidently.

Oh well, there's not much we

Insiders Club-10.24.2013 Bookmark


We had to make a couple fast moves at the open today, and I want to explain why we did it.

Many many times I've mentioned a case where if it looks like you're going to get whacked in a stock on a "gap down" it

Insiders Club-10.23.2013 Bookmark


We've been red all day but not by that much. Right now at 3 pm, we're down about 42 but just a few mins ago we were down just 31. I expected a red day, but one that wasn't too red. So far, so good.


Insiders Club-10.22.2013 Bookmark


NOTE!!! Again!

These Earnings release dates are beginning to tick me off. You just cannot trust something you hear in passing on CNBC. For instance CAT doesn't report Thursday as one goofball said yesterday, they report tomorrow morning

if you bought CAT, you might wish to

Insiders Club-10.21.2013 Bookmark


They're in a holding pattern here folks. Everyone listened to the President tell us how Obama care is going to be so great and how it's just a little glitch and life will be wonderful. The market didn't react up or down on his "speech".


Insiders Club-10.18.2013 Bookmark


I'm a bit late I was on the phone with the web girl, working out a few bugs in our system....

They've placed us in a holding pattern here. The DOW's been up a bit, down a bit and flat. The S&P has held onto a gain

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