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10.30.2020 - Insider Bookmark


Hard to fathom but indeed, it's another Friday. 

After being up almost 400 points yesterday, the DOW closed higher by just 139.  Then last night, at one point the futures crashed for 500 points. "They" came in and saved the day, and when I flipped a monitor on at 6 am, we were down about 260.

10.29.2020 - Insider Bookmark


I've never been in combat. Never been in the service. The closest thing for me to compare with the brave souls in war, was 8 years ago today. Hurricane/superstorm Sandy came ashore in the little Egg Inlet NJ, just 3 miles from my little bayfront house. 

10.28.2020 - Insider Bookmark


Morning all, and what a lousy morning it is so far. 

10.27.2020 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to this new day. 

10.26.2020 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome back from what I hope was a great weekend. Ours simply could not have been better.

10.23.2020 - Insider Bookmark


We've rolled right on up to another Friday. It doesn't seem possible to me, but here we are. 

So last night was debate night. I don't know that it changed anyone's minds about who they're going for, but it was cheap entertainment. 

10.22.2020 - Insider Bookmark


Howdy all. 

Did you catch that FBI "alert" last evening?  That was sort of odd to say the least. But I guess that in 2020 there's no end to the amount of odd we're seeing. 

10.21.2020 - Holy Craziness! Bookmark

Hi Folks. 


The newest article is up, and this one's a doozie. We're talking free crypto currency, we're talking China, Hunter Biden, election tampering and a whole host of things. The closer we get to the actual election, the more insanity is coming forth and it is really getting crazy. You owe it to yourself to read this latest installment, because it will indeed get you thinking about your future and the future of the country. 

10.21.2020 - Investing Newsletter Bookmark

Elections, China, Bitcoin and More!

Okay, where am I going to start? Let’s try this… a couple weeks back I mentioned to you all that a gent I know who’s done very well with Bitcoin and some other crypto’s, told me that himself and several of his crypto buddies thought that the new coin coming out was going to “be everything bitcoin was supposed to be, but isn’t.” 

10.21.2020 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning all, there's a whole lot of earnings reports out already. The one thats getting the most attention is netflix, as they have missed their revenue numbers and that's got the whole analyst community bickering about what it all means. Auto nation beat the estimates in a very big way, proving that people don't want to use mass transit and are buying up cars. 

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