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Insiders Club 11-30-2009 Bookmark



Well so much for that theory. I really thought the market would open flat ( it did) and then run for half an hour and then dip. Nope. It opened flat and just built higher and held. go figure.


Insiders Club 11-27-2009 Bookmark


Well it looks like we'll live to fight another day.

I'm going to leave my positions on, with the stops I suggested. Now this is indeed risky. We could get more bad news over the weekend. I'm simply playing the odds that the Black

Insiders Club 11-24-2009 Bookmark


2:00 pm

Well could today have been any more boring? We opened flat and here 5 hour later we're right where we started.

Okay, here's the deal. I am traveling tomorrow because of the Holiday Thursday. Therefore I'm in no really

Insiders Club 11-23-2009 Bookmark



Let's talk "gaps" for a minute

For the past few Monday's this has been the pattern: no bad news over the weekend and they juice the market big time on Monday AM. Most of the stocks you want to buy gap

Insiders Club 11-20-2009 Bookmark


Just after the Open

As we figured, the open is weak, but not as weak as the futures suggested. That's fairly common. But, since it's option expiration day, we have a feeling that 90% of what's going to happen today will happen by 11 am,

Insiders Club 11-19-2009 Bookmark



Okay, so they took some off the table. The DOW was down 156 points and as I type this, we're down 139. Now of course the question is, will they do a stick save and pull this out of the funk, or

Insiders Club 11-18-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update


1:15 pm

Well it's been an interesting day to watch. We've been flat for all the morning session, but just recently saw some more selling come through. That certainly isn't surprising considering we've been up day after day after day.

Insiders Club 11-17-2009 Bookmark



Okay, as much as I hate this day, we've made a few moves I need to tell you of.

Earlier today we bought BTU

Then as the day progressed, PCX came into view, and UYM.


Insiders Club 11-16-2009 Bookmark



Well this is really quite something. Ben Bernanke was giving a speech, and for the most part it was pretty horrid. Yet because he remarked again and again that low interest rates were here for a long time, the dollar fell more and

Insiders Club 11-13-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update

Friday the 13th

Okay first the "personal" stuff so you know where my mindset is at.  This raging Noreaster has become a major issue. My town is closed. The streets are barricaded because they're all underwater. The wind has been averaging 30 -

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