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Insiders Club 11-30-2010 Bookmark



Well folks, that was another interesting morning. As we figured, our DIA and our SPY would be underwater at the open, and they were. But, we held through the morning dump, and in the last few minutes we were able to bail out of both with

Insiders Club 11-29-2010 Bookmark



First some housekeeping...

I whined about not selling FFIV on Friday. Today I figured it would weaken some with these lousy futures, and sure enough we opened down pretty heavy. So, I sold half of my FFIV right after the open at

Insiders Club 11-26-2010 Bookmark



Sometimes it's "just that easy". The futures were in the toilet. There was no reason for the market to rise off the bottom. But we have Bazooka Bernanke with his free money juice. So, buying the SPY or the DIA at the open was

Insiders Club 11-24-2010 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update

Morning all...

The well wishes continued to flow in yesterday, and in this week of Thanksgiving, isn't that what it's all about? Being nice to each other, being considerate, thinking about the "other guy" ... and saying thanks. Well I

Insiders Club 11-19-2010 Bookmark



Well folks, I'm back and it's all set for Monday. Thanks to all of you who wrote in with the well wishes, it was certainly appreciated.

The day is not going quite as I thought. I figured we'd have some big volatility,

Insiders Club 11-18-2010 Bookmark



I really hate days like this. They blast us out of the box, everything opens miles high, then just "wiggles" up and down from there. Yeah if you have daytrade tools you could pick off some decent wiggle money, but here we sit for the

Insiders Club 11-17-2010 Bookmark



Wow, what a volatile day. Because it's Wednesday and because we've been down 3 in a row, they're trying to get us in gear, but it's quite a struggle. I was up almost a dollar a share on ANR and sold it for just

Insiders Club 11-16-2010 Bookmark



This is pretty funny stuff. As I'm writing this we're down 163 and I'm finding it interesting to see how many people are whining about it. What did they expect? A market that goes up every day for ever?

In any

Insiders Club 11-15-2010 Bookmark




What to think?

They popped at the open, then faded slowly. For a few moments the DOW was up just 14 and the NASDAQ had gone red. Now at 10:25, they've rescued things a bit, but it sure does feel

Insiders Club 11-12-2010 Bookmark



This is such a weird day to figure folks.. The POMO operation was supposed to take place, but there was a "glitch" so they say and not's been postponed until 11:30. Is that why we're weak, or is it finally just "time" for the

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