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Insiders Club 11-30-2011 Bookmark



Hey gang..

They have held this up all day and it's evident it will end very strong. Now.. the fact is that what was reported today solves NOTHING. But it's a pretty good bet that it keeps Wall Street from freaking out about

Insiders Club 11-29-2011 Bookmark


Slop and chop.

As I said earlier, I "think" this market is going to try and stay green, but it's quite a struggle. The NASDAQ did dip red, while the DOW and S&P are being propped up.

I have had a mixed

Insiders Club 11-28-2011 Bookmark


So, they've held us up all day ( so far) although we're well off the days highs. Remember what I said about the buy in areas and how if the market sagged they would probably pull down too? We've seen it in most stocks today.

Insiders Club -11-25-2011 Bookmark

Insiders Update


I guess you noticed how "cautious" I was this am over the market being up so big. Sure enough from up 100, the DOW was up just 2 points a few minutes ago. Now they've simply brought out the calvary to

Insiders Club 11-23-2011 Bookmark


I repeat... this is NOT just normal market action. This is NOT just your every day market slide. This is something different.

We are witness to some very big outfits that are so desperate to raise cash, that they've decided to sell

Insiders Club 11-22-2011 Bookmark


Well this is really interesting. The morning stunk as they couldn't keep the averages from rolling over. I continued to watch the gold and silver market, and it looked to me like the bulk of the selling was over, so just as I was opening the email

Insiders Club 11-21-2011 Bookmark

3:00 PM

Well, it's been a long grinding day, and the best they can say is that "we're off the lows" which is indeed true. Not long ago we were down 306 points and now we're down 260. We were down just 240 a few minutes ago.

Insiders Club 11-16-2011 Bookmark


So, I sold out of the MRVL, and snagged 14.99. Okay, so it's not much, 30 cents on 800 shares, but it buys a burger. With the way the market's acting, it sure beats holding until it turned red.

I'm now officially "out" except

Insiders Club -11-15-2011 Bookmark


A grinding day. We opened flatter than the futures suggested, and held green for most of the hour. Then some slipping showed up and by 10:25 the DOW as down 34.

You can feel the tension. They're trying to hold up, but it's really

Insiders Club -11-14-2011 Bookmark

2:35 pm

A low volume sell off, has the DOW off 98, which in actuality isn't that horrible. Considering how they saved the market last week, if we can hover around here, its still a victory for the bulls. If not.. well, things could get ugly.

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