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Insiders Club-11-15-2012 Bookmark


What else can we throw in the mix? Lets see, we have a stagnant economy here in the states, we have Europe sliding into depression, we've got China slowing dramatically, we have Iran talking about erasing Israel from the face of the earth, we have drones getting

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Morning folks....

Yesterday the market proved once again that there are quite a few people that are willing to take their money out and sit on it, versus leaving it in play and possibly facing dramatic tax increases next year. The so called fiscal cliff

Insiders Club-11-13-2012 Bookmark


Morning all....

Yesterday was Insurance man day for me. I pretty much knew what they were going to say, and sure enough it was "total loss". Well, okay, now it's simply a matter of them running the numbers and cutting a check. Fine. It means

Insiders Club-11-12-2012 Bookmark


Morning everyone. How was your weekend? If you happen to previously or presently live on the Jersey Shore, I know exactly how your weekend went. You spent your days piling up your belongings at the curb awaiting the enormous dumpsters they're bringing in daily. You never really

Insiders Club-11-9-2012 Bookmark


This has turned into a pretty serious pout. Well, it's long overdue. So, lets walk memory lane and see where we are and why.

Heading into the election we told you that all the numbers were going to magically rise. Obama cimply called the labor dept

Insiders Club-11-8-2012 Bookmark


11 am

Morning all...sorry I couldn't put out an earlier update. As you all probably know, right on the heels of Sandy we got a pretty good shellackin by a "nor easter" yesterday, and a lot of the power that was up... was back down.

Insiders Club-11-7-2012 Bookmark


The media has spoken. Notice I didn't say the people, because frankly the people simply regurgitate what the media tells them. Because the media filters exactly what they want you to hear, think and believe, those without the desire to see if their information is correct, simply go

Insiders Club-11-6-2012 Bookmark


Really? I mean, Really?

I'm not usually one to whine when things get tough but now we're being told that a major"NorEaster" is going to pound us Wednesday and Thursday with more coastal flooding, winds to 70mph and pouring rain. This is simply something

Insiders Club-11-5-2012 Bookmark


Morning all. Welcome to election week.

First a bit of updating on my situation.... They finally let us down to see our homes in Tuckerton Beach NJ on Saturday am. I didn't know if I wanted to see it or not.

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