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Insiders Club - 11.29.2013 Bookmark


Well, they're keeping the market up pretty strong, putting on a good show for the weekend talk shows.

For better or worse I did go ahead and take the SBUX this morning as it was over 82.25. I filled at 82.27 but that was just pennies

Insiders Club - 11.27.2013 Bookmark


I really didn't like the way JNJ was acting, it was just getting whacked with profit takers. I understand that, a lot of fundies need to lock in some of their winners and JNJ had a good year. I sold it at 94.99. Obviously, while a positive by

Insiders Club - 11.26.2013 Bookmark


They've held the market up pretty well on very little volume. They're simply in "preserve" mode here, trying to keep the averages green.

I still have the 4 stocks I had this morning, nothings stopped out, and in fact, OC has done really well on the

Insiders Club -11.25.2013 Bookmark


They've held the market up a bit stronger than I expected, but it certainly isn't running away. The DOW is showing 40 points but the S&P is having a hard time holding a 2 point gain.

I still only have the 3 stocks I had this

Insiders Club - 11.22.2013 Bookmark


So they've kept the market up all day, and frankly a tad higher than I expected. 7 points on the S&P is not "flat".

You can mark today up to "closing out the week strong". Will that pour into next week? Probably, but not at first.

Insiders Club - 11.21.2013 Bookmark


I guess they could "blame" today's 90 point jump on the Yellen success at getting the nod as Fed head. I think you could also say that this market has a habit of only fading for 3 days in a row and then they step in. So let's

Insiders Club - 11.20.2013 Bookmark


Well this is pretty interesting.

The market was in "stuck" mode all day waiting on the Fed's minutes to be released. Well when they hit, the "read" everyone came away with is that the Fed is willing to start tapering sometime in the near future, maybe

Insiders Club- 11.19.2013 Bookmark


This has been a very lumpy day. We've had a couple runs higher that have fallen apart and turned red. Not long ago we were up almost 25 points and then "boom" down 17. Right now at 1:45, were down 6 with the S&P down about 4.

Insiders Club- 11.18.2013 Bookmark


This market is getting seriously "jittery". After pushing over S&P 1800 and DOW 16K, they've lost both, and since 2:30 I've noticed some real selling creeping in. That makes me nervous, and I've been scrambling. For instance I took HFC as it crossed 47, but just seconds later

Insiders Club- 11.15.2013 Bookmark


I can't believe some of the things I'm hearing, although of course I do believe them. For instance, headlines such as this are common today...

U.S. stocks edged higher as investors shrugged off weaker-than-expected readings on industrial output and New York state manufacturing and weighed the

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