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Insiders Club -12-30-2011 Bookmark


What a pain. Yesterday we took Visa (V) at 102.50 and it closed at 103.25. This morning with the weak open, it opened at 123 and fell straight down. We stopped out flat at our entry. That was a snapshot of 2011. Make a great entry, watch

Insiders Club-12-29-2011 Bookmark


So, evidently yesterday didn't happen. That's sort of odd, because they were worried about the Italian long dated paper auction, and yeah.. they sold it but they have to pay 7% on it. They can't afford that.. but I guess it's better than 10% which they couldn't

Insiders Club-12-28-2011 Bookmark


Not such a great day is it? No, not at all. It appears like they're really not interested in holding positions ahead of the Italian longer dated bond sales tonight. But frankly, I am a bit surprised at the width of the drift here. While the DOW

Insiders Club 12-27-2011 Bookmark


Well the market's been stuck in a rut for most of the day... we've been up 30, down 10, back to up 30... all day. The only thing I've done so far is pick up some IBM, but I went in light because I don't trust the

Insiders Club 12-22-2011 Bookmark



Earlier today I said I didn't want more, but a rotation wouldn't bother me. What I didn't want to happen was getting stopped out flat on GDXJ.. that just reeks of manipulation via the central banker cartel beating hard to keep gold down. Oh well,

Insiders Club 12-21-2011 Bookmark


Unless they roll this over in the last 40 minutes, I'm alling this something of a victory for the longs. After a 340 point up day, if we don't give back more than say 60 by the close.. that's a positive.


Insiders Club 12-20-2011 Bookmark


Do any of you think this is "normal?" Do markets just soar for 329 points the day after losing 100? No not usually and never in a bull market. But this is today's market, complete in your face..manipulation. There is NO doubt in my mind that yesterday's

Insiders Club 12-19-2011 Bookmark


Boy it's a struggle. The funds selling for tax loss, is surely offsetting the people trying to make a last minute dash to save their year. Of course the North Korea thing, is indeed something of a problem.

I am NOT versed on the

Insiders Club 12-16-2011 Bookmark


Today is a mirror image of yesterday..so far. We opened big, ran some.. pulled back and popped back up. We did that game yesterday.

So if it continues to image yesterday, we'll end the day green.

I did go ahead and

Insiders Club 12-15-2011 Bookmark


It's been a long grinding session and we've held up in this + 60 area now for quite some time. The tape is still weaker that the headlines look, but they are doing all they can to hold things up.

I haven't done much,

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