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Insiders Club 2-26-2010 Bookmark


11:00 ish

Okay, so far so good. We opened flat and here it is at 11 and we're still statistically flat. I think that this day will continue to be flat, and that we probably end with a slight tinge of green. Why? Well when

Insiders Club 2-25-2010 Bookmark



Sorry for the delay folks, as you might imagine I'm knee deep (literally) in snow, slush and freezing rain. Now NOAA says we're probably going to see the town underwater too, as this monster low sucks water up onto the shore. What a nightmare.

Insiders Club 2-24-2010 Bookmark



Okay, the wild swings continue although you'd not really know it looking at the overall averages. Yet it was a good idea to sell half our holds in AAPL and SPY because sure enough the "other half" came down and stopped us

Insiders Club 2-23-2010 Bookmark



Just a note to close out the day folks.

I sold my 500 shares of DIA that we got at 100.66, at 102.94

Okay, so we made more lunch money, it's certainly not what I was looking for.

Insiders Club 2-22-2010 Bookmark



My guess was that we'd add a few more points to the bounce we were in. But evidently they wanted to give the stocks a breather because it's been nothing but a struggle since the open. We charged green, and then what? Obama came

Insiders Club 2-19-2010 Bookmark


Okay, so we opened weak, almost went green, backed down, now we're off the lows again.

I think this is going to be the pattern of the day. Considering the Put/call ratio, it would make sense to end today flat.

Insiders Club 2-18-2010 Bookmark


3 pm ish

Okay folks, my hunch was correct. The market is up very nicely and I'm glad I didn't panic out this morning on that big second dip.

All our positions are up very nicely, and although we want to give

Insiders Club 2-17-2010 Bookmark



Okay folks. Despite getting shook out earlier today on the big "dip" it "looks" like they're going to try and defend a green close. If they pull this off, we SHOULD see the market move up a bit more tomorrow.


Insiders Club 2-16-2010 Bookmark



Just a note folks

all the positions we took this am, plus the DIA's we carried from Friday are doing okay "except" for STLD. We got it at 16.52 and it ran to 16.75 and then rolled back down. Now, I

Insiders Club 2-12-2010 Bookmark



Okay, one up one down. What's that? As is our habit, when the market is going to open our stocks below our stops ( or our entry levels) we remove the stops and watch for a bounce that might give us a better price.

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