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Insiders Club 2-28-2011 Bookmark


Okay, so they got us up, at one point up 100.

Chances are good that we're going to hold most of this for the day. I wouldn't be surprised if we see some more gains tomorrow, as the "new month money" comes in. But,

Insiders Club 2-25-2011 Bookmark



Well we're getting the bounce that history says we should get. I don't have an issue with that, in fact I bought all three suggestions I put out this morning. My issue is this.. can it hold the day? That's the part that is

Insiders Club 2-24-2011 Bookmark



Before we chat about the day, I want to clarify something for all of you concerning the long term holds bucket. I don't like to post it every day, it gets repititious, and it doesn't change very frequently, so I usually dredge it up

Insiders Club 2-23-2011 Bookmark



Well this is pretty boring. Got any fences you need to paint, or teeth you need pulled? It would be a good day for it. There's a bit of war going on between the dip buyers, and the people trying to get out, so

Insiders Club 2-22-2011 Bookmark


3 PM

Is it possible that we're actually going to head into the close down triple digits? IT's possible folks. Then again it's possible that Benji calls his boyz and they pick up the pace and we go green. I tend to think we fade

Insiders Club 2-18-2011 Bookmark



Yawn. Snore. Zzzzz.

We have been flatlined since the open and I don't suppose we're going to see that change much. Yes we are up some 26 DOW points, but it's an odd feel to the day.. like there's no volume,

Insiders Club 2-17-2011 Bookmark



I don't usually put out an update in the afternoon, but since I'm sitting here amazed at what I'm seeing, I figured I'd shoot you all a note.

Once again we're pretty well loaded with stock.

As of this

Insiders Club 2-16-2011 Bookmark



Just a note here folks..

we were up really big and then "boom" down we came in a hurry. The news was that a couple Iranian warships were going up the Suez canal and Israel suggested it was a provocation. Oil

Insiders Club 2-15-2011 Bookmark



Interesting morning.

You guys know the score. I called for a pull down starting last Wednesday. We lost 77 points and they rushed in for the save. Then Thursday, down 72 points on accelerating volume. They rushed in for the save.

Insiders Club 2-14-2011 Bookmark



This is a tough day to read.. not that any of them are getting easy lately with Bernanke lurking in the wings.

We saw them rotate heavily into commods and materials this am. CLF one of our perennial favorites was up over

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