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Insiders Club-2-28-2013 Bookmark


Well they tried, they really did. They pushed and pushed but they came up short, not taking out the all time highs.

So do they try it again tomorrow? Probably. It makes more sense for them to pull it off on a Friday ahead of the

Insiders Club-2-26-2013 Bookmark


To say this move has caught me off guard would be quite the understatement. I suggested this morning that I thought we'd have a green day. I had NO CLUE we'd have a 170 point green day.

Now consider what we've seen lately. The

Insiders Club-2-26-2013 Bookmark



Every day for the past week I've been able to write "an interesting session here today" and today is no different. Over in Europe their index's are blood red. Germany down 180, Spain down 260, etc. Yet we opened big and went higher. Then while

Insiders Club-2-25-2013 Bookmark



What a strange day. They keep telling us that it is all about Italy, but I'm not certain of that.

In any event the Euro fell like a rock, the dollar gained and that always brings stocks down.


Insiders Club-2-22-2013 Bookmark


What to think? Hmm. We roared out of the gate and then settled back some and have since then just hovered for the last half hour. We have the DOW up about 40, and its been there for a while now.

I haven't done

Insiders Club-2-21-2013 Bookmark


Have you watched the action today? They have tried and tried to defend that 13860 level, getting above it at times and losing it at times. Right now we're at 13876 so that's a victory so far and I suppose heading into the close the short covering

Insiders Club-2-20-2013 Bookmark


This is hysterical. The Fed's minutes from the last meeting just hit and according to them, everything is looking great. They say wages soared, they say activity increased across the board. They said all kinds of things... which of course brought all the bulls out on CNBC

Insiders Club-2-19-2013 Bookmark


The fight is on!

They have kept the market up all day despite a handful of stocks that have tried to weigh it down. Looking at the DOW, it is holding above the 14025 level we want to see it close over, although right this

Insiders Club-2-15-2013 Bookmark


You just saw the incredible power of "sector rotation". Yesterday SLB went from a lot of 78.15 to hit 82.00. Today it opens at about 81.40 and fell all the way back to 79.90.  Yesterday they piled into energy, today they fled the scene. If

Insiders Club-2-14-2013 Bookmark


Well, we've had quite a turn around on our SLB and SPN.... sometimes you simply have to hold through some nasty wiggles. Of course that begs the question.. do we keep them or ring the register?

We're up two dollars a share, or a

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