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Insiders Club 3-31-2011 Bookmark



Okay folks.. the day has gone perfect. Perfectly flat that is, just as we expected. There is no volume and they are all wondering what tomorrow will bring. We have hovered all day in a tight range, but that's a bit misleading.. the individual

Insiders Club 3-30-2011 Bookmark



A strong open has seen us work our way up towards the FEB high at 12,400. If we get past that and the jobs report doesn't stink on Friday, we're going to see an explosive pop higher. Sure it's all based on fantasy island,

Insiders Club 3-29-2011 Bookmark



Well we're in one of those low volume "walk the market up" days. It's really no different than yesterday except of course for the lousy economic news on housing, and consumer confidence. Do you think it's a coincidence that we're up on lousy news?

Insiders Club 3-28-2011 Bookmark



What a weird day. Like so many days we opened green and pushed higher. Everything we had moved up smartly. Take a look at a chart of SD. We had taken it at 11.99/12.00. It opened well and marched up to 12.59.  That's

Insiders Club 3-25-2011 Bookmark



Sorry I'm late, had a radio interview I had to finish up...

Okay, so we see them goosing the market again, up some 70 points.

I did go and take IBM and NBR, and both are doing okay for

Insiders Club 3-22-2011 Bookmark



As I expected a flat, stumbling mix right out of the gate.  I did go ahead and sell out of CAT, ANR and FCX.  I sold CAT at 107.21, ANR at 56.29/30 and FCX at 52.19. 

That leaves me with just

Insiders Club 3-21-2011 Bookmark





Hi all....

Well we gapped up, ran hard and then slammed into a wall with the market up about 185 points. There is some resistance on the S&P at both 1298 and 1303. We've visited both and so far we haven't cracked

Insiders Club 3-17-2011 Bookmark


Okay folks, let's chat.


When my son got home from school I showed him some of the emails that had come in wishing him luck, sending prayers and even people telling their own story and how things have helped them.

Insiders Club 3-16-2011 Bookmark



Hi guys...

Seconds after I sent the last update the market "crashed" down 194 points. The news was out of the EU, as their nuclear head said the situation in Japan is "effectively out of control". That took us from down 40

Insiders Club 3-15-2011 Bookmark



Well, they didn't hint about ending QE 2.. which I think they would have done had Japan not been hit and this nuclear thing wasn't on the table.

They have brought the market up from a low of 298 this am,

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