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Insiders Club-3-29-2012 Bookmark


What to think? From down almost 100, we're down just 29 at 2:57

Was that it? Did we get close enough to last weeks lows, to call it a double bottom and now we run back to the top of the range at 13,300?

Insiders Club 3-28-2012 Bookmark


How about it?

Along with all the other baloney we've had to deal with over the last two weeks, this last week of the quarter has tossed even more twists in the game. Lots of quarter-end window dressing going on this

Insiders Club 3-27-2012 Bookmark


Sorry. Some days just need a redo....

You know the old expression.. some days your the bug, some days you're the windshield. Today I have been the bug. I sent the afternoon update, but forgot the stupid button they changed to send mails, and being

Insiders Club 3-26-2012 Bookmark


Highs of the day ... and there's probably more to come. This week rounds out the end of the Quarter, and with Bernanke's announcment today that yes indeed the money spigot is going to run wild.. I guess they're just going to ignore gasoline, lousy housing, fading

Insiders Club 3-23-2012 Bookmark



There's no volume up or down. There's no leadership. There's nothing.

They've been able to keep the DOW over 13K, but only by 23 points  The S&P has faded down to 1390.

I said this am, I

Insiders Club 3-22-2012 Bookmark


Interesting day. They made a few feeble attempts to do something, and it was repelled. As I write this we're down 87.

I'd love to tell you that we should buy this dip... or that we should run like hell. Problem is, I don't know.

Insiders Club-3-21-2012 Bookmark


The market is churning in place, as Bernanke and Turbo Tim Geithner are talking economic baloney to our banking committees and budget committees. We've been slightly green, we've been slightly red.

Until they stop grilling these two, the market probably won't go one way

Insiders Club -3-20-2012 Bookmark


Hi gang....

I need to make a correction to the last email I sent. While I was talking about Cramer having CLF on, I was supposed to be talking about removing the stop on ANR .. not just how the other one,

Insiders Club 3-19-2012 Bookmark



Pull up a chair, let's chat.

In the past two days I've gotten about 20 emails asking why I haven't bought AAPL. There are several reasons.

There are a lot of you who were not investing in 98 -

Insiders Club -3-16-2012 Bookmark


They're diggin in their heels and trying to hold this market green. I tend to think that they'll be successful simply because it will look so good to the Joey Sixpacks this weekend. But as you all know.. I don't like this rally, it's fake and yes

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