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Insiders Club - 3.31.2014 Bookmark


Hi all, sorry I'm a bit late, I ran into some traffic I didn't expect this afternoon.

IN any event they did keep the market "Up" all day as expected, but we didn't really budge from the opening blast higher. We just went up and

Insiders Club - 3.28.2014 Bookmark


Not too long ago, maybe half an hour, we were in danger of actually going red on the DOW. That's quite a feat considering we were up 145 points earlier in the day. As I'm typing this, we've got the DOW up about 33. A bit ago, it

Insiders Club - 3.27.2014 Bookmark


When a market gets over extended, it has two ways to deal with that. It can work off the excess via prices or time. With prices, things back down some, find a new level to stop at, and then attempt their next bounces. With time, the market chops

Insiders Club - 3.26.2014 Bookmark


Another day, another choppy/sloppy mess. From up big in the morning, to red by 60. Again.

Yes they've brought us up from the lows of the day. But look around. The transports are having a rough day. The XLF has failed the lows set Monday and

Insiders Club - 3.25.2014 Bookmark


The fight is on.

Yesterday we opened strong, ran for 70 and then plunged to red by 80. They rescued us at the close to just losing about 26. Today we opened big and fat, pressed higher by 122, and by 10:45 we were only up

Insiders Club - 3.24.2014 Bookmark


What an interesting day. We were up 77 shortly after the open. Then we plunged red and at one point had the DOW off about 80. It was starting to look "oogly".

But like the phoenix they started rising from the ashes and here we are

Insiders Club - 3.21.2014 Bookmark


Usually Friday afternoons don't warrant an update. But I had to mention something to you all today.

Not long ago we were up 125 points and they were "hi fivin" each other as they looked toward the weekend. But all of a sudden the air came

Insiders Club - 3.20.2014 Bookmark


We have basically recovered everything we lost in the "Yellen" sell off. The financials are very strong, and the financials are necessary for market gains.

Is this nuts? Yes. Obama and Putin are still sparring back and forth, and while Putin ran circles around Obama,

Insiders Club - 3.19.2014 Bookmark


Well isn't this something?

As I said, the FOMC did go ahead and taper off another 10 billion. They pretty much had to, they had blamed the weather for all the ills and said they'd hold firm. But, the forward guidance is what spooked the market.

Insiders Club - 3.18.2014 Bookmark


They've held us in a fairly tight +100 point range all day. Inside the averages, there's been some pretty big moves however. MicroSoft has had one of the biggest days it's had in years. Zillow, which I put on my notebook this morning to watch, has soared higher.

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