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3.31.2017 Bookmark


Hello everyone, we've made it to Friday and not a day too soon.

So, yesterday we put in a pretty decent session, but we came up short concerning the 20750 line. My theory is that we need to get up and over that if  there's truly another "leg up" coming. Yet yesterday morning they attacked that level and failed.

3.30.2017 Bookmark


Hello all, welcome to Thursday. 

Yesterday was not a follow through day. We might hope it was, but it really wasn't. What it was however, was a "holding" pattern. We had a nice bounce Tuesday and they didn't give it all back, so for the bulls that's a victory. I would have liked to see the DOW get a little closer to unchanged...but in the scope of things, it wasn't a horrible day. 

3.29.2017 - Healthcare Part II Bookmark

In Sunday's free investment newsletter we discussed Insurance and the definition of it in relation to Healthcare. Well tonight we are discussing the drug companies and some of the shenanigans they've pulled over the years to make prescription drugs in the US the most expensive in the world. We even highlight the lunacy that they pulled with a product called Primatene Mist, which was a God send for thousands of asthmatics, because it was cheap and it worked. The FDA banned it because of..... wait on it... Global warming. I kid you not. Check it out. 

3.29.2017 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Insurance Round Two
Last week I wrote an article about the difference between Healthcare and “insurance” and it stirred a lot of conversation. I believe that one aspect of the insane cost of so called insurance is that it has morphed into something different than insurance.  It’s a health maintenance, all you can eat buffet of “tune ups” masquerading as insurance.
But there’s a more sinister side to our cost structure and you and I both know it. We are gouged at every angle.  I grabbed this from CNN Health:

3.29.2017 Bookmark


Okay so yesterday they didn't want any part of a 9 day DOW losing streak and they made their point. After being up nearly 200 points, when the final bell rang, we had 150 DOW points showing and 15 on the S&P. It was a nice bounce, but it did come with a bit of a caveat. See, as we get near the close of business every day, the exchanges announce the "imbalances' to the buy or sell side. Often they're a few hundred million to the buy or to the close, which they try and "pair off" by the 4 pm bell. ( often it takes them a bit longer and that's why the closing price you see a 4 pm, might be a little different than say at 5 pm when it's all settled.) 

3.28.2017 Bookmark


Did you see it? You all know what I'm talking about....yesterday's late day ramp. 

After the rough open, where the DOW fell 190 points and the S&P was down almost 22, they clawed more than half  of that back by mid day. Then in the last hour, "there it was" as the S&P peeked into the green. The DOW got within spitting distance but couldn't make it. When the dust finally cleared, we had lost just 2 on the S&P and 45 on the DOW.  I had my hunch early in the day that they might try and take the market green and boy did they give it the old college try.  I figured they wouldn't want 8 red DOW days, but they just couldn't muster the oomph to get it there. So we did indeed put in our 8th red close, something not seen since....drum roll..... 2011.

3.27.2017 Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome back from your weekend. As always I hope it was a really good time for you and your family. 

Ours was fairly quiet, with nothing major going on. We did get in a really nice 4+ mile walk on Sunday, and the weather held up remarkably well again. But we also know that these wonderful days are numbered. We're just about to enter April and according to our local weather guy, in June the average daytime highs is....90. We're soon to go from high 70's to mid 90's with 80% humidity.  Enjoy this while it lasts Florida folks!

3.26.2017 - Free Investment Newsletter? Bookmark

I got a couple emails asking why I sprinkle the "alerts" about the latest newsletter being up with chatter about it being a "free investing newsletter"  Well here's the thing... years ago when my SEO girl was working with me on my site, she said "Bob, you're never going to get top billing on google for something as generic as "stocks" or Market, or what have you. So tell me a 3 word string that explains what you do here. 

I replied that well...I offer a free investing newsletter, and then if folks like what they see there, they often subscribe to our more in depth paid subscription to the Insider's club. She smiled and said "Well there it is...we'll work on trying to get you a great google return if someone searches for "free investment newsletter" or "free investing newsletter".  Well it worked. Here it is 9 years later and if you search for free investment newsletter on google, our site Investyourself.com comes up on the first page. 

I realize it's a bit bothersome seeing me sneak that string in these alerts, but now you know why. Anyway the newest edition of the letter is up, and this week we talk about insurance. Or is it Healthcare? And, are the two inclusive?

3.26.2017 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

There’s some things that I know well enough to be considered in the class of expert. There’s some things that I know less about than your average 5 year old. We’re all similar in that.  There’s things you know so well you take for granted doing it, or teaching it, and other things that confound and confuse you.
This entire “healthcare/insurance” thing is one that completely and honestly boggles my mind.  For instance, let me  use this as an example....

3.24.2017 Bookmark


Hello everyone, what a crazy week it has become. I guess the best thing we can say is that it is indeed "Friday"

The fight is still on concerning Trump's Healthcare bill, and it didn't look too good yesterday. Frankly I don't think the bill he's trying to pass is any good. It's like Obamacare with bandaids. Flush the damn thing and start from scratch.

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