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Insiders-Club-5-31-2012 Bookmark



Well look at this. We went from sloppy futures, to outright ugly.

The issue as you can imagine is that we are in a fake market. The market doesn't reflect true price discovery, it doesn't reflect the dynamics of earnings, it operates

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Another day, another drop out.

We've seen them play a lot of goofy games lately when the day is really red, where they pour it on in the last hour and try and get back most of the points. That could happen again today.

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How often have we seen this? Today the market was moving higher and higher. Up 100, then 110.. up and up. then pffffffft the air came out as the Euro fell like a rock. The two stocks we bought, went up.. and rolled right back down.

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Well this has been pretty boring at best. Heading into this weekend they don't wish to be too long or short, so we're just hovering. Okay fine, well..I'm not going to waste the balance of my day staring at this screen.

Folks, have a tremendous

Insiders Club-5-24-2012 Bookmark


yawn, snore. Scratch. Stretch....Does boring come to mind?

The market has done nothing all day. The volume is pitiful, and there's simply no buying pressure. When there's a lack of buyers, stocks fade just on the sellers that get nervous. Now, we're headed into a

Insiders-Club-5-23-2012 Bookmark


At the depths of despair the market was down about 180 and as I'm typing this it's down 96 and it looks like they're going to step up to the plate and save the day. So what's it mean? Are they brewing up the next big bounce?

Insiders Club -5-22-2012 Bookmark


another failed day. Sheesh, go figure. But, as I said, I didn't think yesterday was the start of anything large. That was a dead cat bounce after a tremendous stretch of "poor" performance.

So, are we headed lower? Maybe not right away, but I

Insiders Club 5-19-2012 Bookmark

Saturday, May 19

Hi guys, I wanted to send you all a quick note, despite it being a Saturday. I should have been on the highway today making the long trip back to NJ and dragging a boat behind us. I like to make that trip on weekends

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What a lousy day? Facebook day, all the hype in the word and this is all they can manage?

This market is completely weak, and I'm glad that there was really nothing in here to do.

Have yourselves a

Insiders Club -5-17-2012 Bookmark



Can you believe this? The Day before the biggest and most hyped IPO in a decade and they can't keep the market up? Wow. To say I'm surprised is a shortfall.

Maybe they're keeping their ammo dry for the afternoon. Since each day so

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