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Insiders Club-5-31-2013 Bookmark


Just a quick note here folks. The market "held up" pretty well today but heading into the last hour it rolled over hard. Bonds were gaining, the dollar going goofy and stocks really started selling hard. When the dust cleared we were down 208 points.

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Well it's been a day, that's for sure. Today the "bad news was good" because they know Bernanke's locked in his box. Although we started off weak, they pushed us up and we've spent the lions share of the day up around 90 points.

Insiders Club-5-29-2013 Bookmark


The central bank games continue to be played and the robots and algorithms play right along with it. Not long ago we were down 155 DOW points and probably looking for more. Then  A Fed head talking in Boston said (among other things) that unemployment isn't low

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A lumpy day saw us up 200 points by early morning only to give half of it back. But hey, there's very little doubt that the "up Tuesday" phenomenon is firmly in place, I see no reason for them to let us fall 103 in

Insiders Club-5-24-2013 Bookmark


Well, I'm now out of all my short term equity positions. I was stopped out of UA this morning as the overall market weakness took everything down. That's fine, we made nice gains on it, as we bought at 60.19 and sold at 62.00.

Insiders Club-5-23-2013 Bookmark


I'll be the first one to admit I had to shake my head in disbelief over the action today. After Japan vapor locked last night, falling 8%, and going crazy, we fell about 120 points this morning and then worked our way all the way up and

Insiders Club-5-22-2013 Bookmark


What a day. From this morning's euphoria over Bernanke mentioning that it would be premature to pull QE too early and hurt the recovery, to talk later on about tapering QE. He basically left the door open to anything. But the talking heads jumped all over the

Insiders Club-5-21-2013 Bookmark



Well I have to admit, I really didn't think they'd do the "19th" Tuesday in a row thing, but they certainly have. While they got a bit shaky there in the first hour, after that they just poured it on again and here we are

Insiders Club-5-20-2013 Bookmark



Well they've followed the script so far. Almost every Monday has been a "hover" event where they just keep us near the flat line. The bigger question is this... are they going to rush us higher and make it 19 Tuesday's in a row? They

Insiders Club-5-17-2013 Bookmark


On Tuesday, this is what I said to you all....

Listen up, this is how I see this playing out. As you all know, the market needs the financials to pull the market up. Well two of the biggest crooks, JPM and GS are setting

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