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Insiders-Club-6-29-2012 Bookmark


Well this is quite a day. We're up 244 points on a plan that very well might fall apart. So, we just nibbled, taking PPO and JEC. I will NOT let them go red on me.

So, I'm thinking they try and hold the

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Well. This has me a bit baffled. By now most of you probably know that the "mandate" that everyone carry insurance was upheld by the Supreme Court. I had expected it to be shot down. But they did it in a "backdoor" fashion. they ducked

Insiders-Club-6-27-2012 Bookmark


They're putting in a bounce. We had a hunch they might, but the question was... for how long? We simply don't trust it at all.

This is a decent show they're putting on. We've got 80 DOW points. But in the scope of things,

Insiders Club-6-26-2012 Bookmark


See? No oomph. The economic numbers we got at 10 were weak, and despite a decent pop at the open, it didn't take long for the DOW to settle back into the red. I suggest this is how we're going to be until we hear of something

Insiders Club-6-25-2012 Bookmark


Well all we've learned this morning is that the decision on Obama care, is not coming today. So, it's a crap shoot. It could be tomorrow am, tomorrow afternoon, or Wed. (possibly even Thursday)

The market has been pretty sour. We've lost DOW 12,500 but

Insiders Club-6-22-2012 Bookmark


It's an interesting morning. They've come in to support equities, but they're struggling with it. But one might ask the question.. why are they even trying?

I tend to think that some of this bounce is in anticipation of the supreme court deciding that

Insiders Club-6-21-2012 Bookmark


Well,  it's time to do a bit of housekeeping. Yesterday afternoon I had removed some stops, knowing the market would knee jerk on Bernanke. This morning I was watching XLK and SLCA sliding from their opening highs, and frankly I'm just not in the mood

Insiders Club-6-20-2012 Bookmark


Yes I  strapped myself into my chair, stuffed a sock in my mouth so my neighbors wouldn't think I have turrets and listened to Bernanke lie about the economy, the so called recovery and his plans. It was painful. But I've held everything, I ignored any stops

Insiders Club-6-19-2012 Bookmark


I never have a problem admitting when I've got it wrong and I got today wrong. I thought they'd keep us flat today, not up 100+ points. Some of this is a bit over the top, because I have to think that a lot of it is

Insiders Club -6-18-2012 Bookmark


As expected, the weak futures were not going to last and we've got the S&P going green, the NASDAQ made green and the DOW climbed it's way from down 60 to down 16.

The reason is simple, and it has nothing to do with the

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