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Insiders Club-7-31-2013 Bookmark


What a joke that was. The FED statement said NOTHING new. No talk what so ever of taper, just the same baloney about following the data and based on it they could do more, they could do less. Same garbage.

The market jumped first,

Insiders Club 7-30-2013 Bookmark


After being up 72 points we came all the way down and then went red by 30. At this point we're red by 19 waiting on the Presidents new "business friendly deal" he's supposed to announce. This ought to be interesting. All the guy does is say

Insiders Club -7-26-2013 Bookmark


Sometimes you really do need to just push back in the chair and laugh. the Consumer confidence numbers came out and they beat expectations. This is so criminal it is actually funny.

Gas is soaring, but folks are "confident"
Interest rates are rising,

Insiders Club-7-25-2013 Bookmark


So, one of the most prominent hedge funds since Bernie mad dog Madoff, that being Cohens SAC capital is being sued by the SEC for dozens of instance of fraud and insider trading. How does that make the investing population feel? Well, while people might be disgusted,

What Next? Bookmark

As you can see, we have covered a lot of ground over all these chapters. Right now you are armed with enough information to be, well, dangerous! Don't

What Is "Shorting" a Stock? Bookmark

This gets a bit funny sounding, but it is a tactic that we as traders use very frequently. You will have the ability (once you open your brokerage account) to sell a

Some Common Stock Market Investing Terms Bookmark

Options: Options are the right but not the obligation to buy a stock at a certain price for a specified amount of time. When you buy an option,

The "GAP" Opening Bookmark

The next little "gem" that you have to be aware of is something called a GAP UP or a GAP DOWN opening. This can be either the best

The MOST Important Tool! Bookmark

We hope that you are beginning to see that there isn't too much to doing this, just knowing a few terms and how to use them. So far,

Another Tool We Use Bookmark

There is another spin you can put on the limit order called the "good till cancel" or GTC. That just means that they will electronically book your order for about 60 days,

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