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Insiders Club - 7.31.2014 Bookmark


it's been an odd day, where  they haven't been shy about selling "some" things, but not everything. Now granted even in a bad pull back a stock here or there will remain up, but this time it is very mixed. While most stocks are down some, there's a

Insiders Club - 7.30.2014 Bookmark


Well it's been an interesting day. We had the big morning pop higher, then the roll over and then a rush back to green when the Fed's statement hit this afternoon. Most traders tend to think they're saying that things still aren't perfect and that there's still some

Insiders Club - 7.29.2014 Bookmark


Well we own a stock in the short term account. We took CLF when it spiked higher over a board election. But it moved so quick we didn't fill until 17.00 even. Oh well, at least it's flirting with 18 now.

So the market started off strong,

Insiders Club - 7.28.2014 Bookmark


Well they did it. It took them a while but sure enough after being down 80 points shortly after the open, we see the DOW is positive by 6 now. The little darlings just can't help themselves and rushed in to buy all the "bargains"


Insiders Club - 7.25.2014 Bookmark


Call me chicken. Call me anything you want, but I bailed out this morning. I had all good intentions of holding my stocks over the weekend, as we've had about 11 Friday's in a row go nice and green. But minutes after the open, all I saw was

Insiders Club - 7.24.2014 Bookmark


They're having a harder time today trying to levitate the market. I'm certainly not surprised, we've seen the biggest PMI drop on record, we saw new home sales fall 8%, we saw the April/May/June sales numbers revised down. We saw CAT resort to a 2.5 billion buy back

Insiders Club - 7.23.2014 Bookmark


Wow, virtually all day the averages have been running in place. At 10:30 the S&P was up about 4, now it's up 3.99 as I type this. The DOW has been down between 9 and 30 points all day.

I still have but one position open in

Insiders Club - 7.22.2014 Bookmark


Well isn't this special.

We had taken LLY at 63.57 earlier today and I smiled like the proverbial "fat cat" as it ran higher and higher, hitting 64.15 in just an hour of trading. But that was the top and since then it has deflated all the

Insiders Club - 7.21.2014 Bookmark


So far...they've held us up.

Sure we're down 70 points, but please... that's less than half of one percent in a 17K market. It's a yawn.

So for right now all we can discern is that they are willing to continue to try and hold

Insiders Club - 7.18.2014 Bookmark


The sheer desperation to keep the markets moving in the face of abject disaster, is evident. We've bounced for some 50 points this morning as everyone is trying to put on the brave face and make believe that yesterday didn't matter. But it did matter and

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