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Insiders Club 8-31-2011 Bookmark


Okay folks, I need you to pay attention for a moment.

If you've been following along, you know we have a few hundred shares of CLF. Actually 250, after we sold half of the original position for nice profits. But today, CLF is now

Insiders Club 8-30-2011 Bookmark


At about 8:15 Steve LIESman was interviewing Fed chief Evans out of Chicago and Evans laid it right out there that he's all for "more accommodation"

See how it's working folks? Obama's got his big jobs plan coming, Biden says we need more

Insiders Club 8-29-2011 Bookmark


As the market got closer to the open, the futures continued to soar, resulting in wicked gap ups on simply too many stocks. Gaps up and down should be illegal, but of course they're not.. it creates billions in profit for the Wall Street machine.

Insiders Club 8-26-2011 Bookmark


A lot of people are quite confounded by the fact that Bernanke didn't give us anything about further stimulus, but like usual that punk gave us enough to build dreams on.

Now..this is what I wrote Wednesday night in the FIR...

Insiders Club 8-25-2011 Bookmark


What a nuts morning. The first news was of course Jobs retiring from Apple Computer. That had all the ipad people in a funk. But then out of the clear blue Warren Buffet comes to the rescue and bails out Banc of America with a 5 billion

Insiders Club 8-24-2011 Bookmark


As we expected, the market did go green and in fact was up over 100 points around 10:00 am. Since then it's pulled off those highs, being up just 62 at 10:25

The positions we came into the day with are in pretty good shape.

Insiders Club 8-23-2011 Bookmark


Well there's one you don't see every day. I left for a few minutes to go get my son, since we're in the midst of a monster thunderstorm.. and when I get back I see we've had a 5.9 earthquake around Richmond VA that's been felt as

Insiders Club 8-19-2011 Bookmark


Okay, the open was weak, but nowhere near as weak as the futures indicated. I suspected that and that's why I said I wouldn't be surprised to see a 100 point bounce today. Right now as I'm writing this we've hit + 74 and then faded to

Insiders Club 8-18-2011 Bookmark


Well well. Isn't this something?  We just fell 500 points in the first 45 minutes of trading, as obviously the wicked volatility that we had last week is making another appearance.

Okay, everyone on the planet is trying to figure out what the problem

Insiders Club 8-17-2011 Bookmark


Should the market be "up?"  Probably not. If you were using pure logic, the equation would tell you that nothing has been solved. So why then are we up? Could it be something so conspiracy-like as the "put/call" ratio we speak of each month? Uhm, yeah it

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