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Insiders Club-9-28-2012 Bookmark


Well, they took us off the bottom, and just an hour ago we were down just 22 and threatening going green. But now we've faded back some, down 52 again.

I said earlier that I was considering taking the SPY or DIA or both,

Insiders Club-9-27-2012 Bookmark


Do we trust this? Isn't that the question we have to ask? After five days of seeing the S&P fall, it's certainly not uncommon to see a bounce. The question is, is it just a one day event, or the start of something more?

Insiders Club-9-26-2012 Bookmark



Well this is embarrassing, but at least to the good side for a change... (so far)

RIG plunged down to our stop, in fact... it fell past our stop. But Like a dope, I had removed stops yesterday, and didn't put it

Insiders Club-9-25-2012 Bookmark



Moments after I sent out the last update the market fell fairly quickly. All day it's been meandering, and it was down 38 when I wrote that. Then it plunged red by over 80. Why? News started hitting the wires that there's

Insiders Club-9-24-2012 Bookmark


Yawn, snore....

Here we are 7 hours later and we're statistically flat on the day. Once again, you'd think that if they wanted to sell, they had an awful lot of chances, but instead they're just holding us here.

We still have

Insiders Club-9-21-2012 Bookmark


Well, the best I can say about today so far is that we're "up". It's a strained up however on lousy volume.

While they certainly don't want to let this roll over, they surely haven't come out with the big guns and pushed us.

Insiders Club-9-20-2012 Bookmark


Holy Cow what a snoozer of a day. 7 hours into the game and the DOW's off 1. Yaaawn.

But as I said there'd be a lot of wiggling around inside the index's and we've seen a lot of that for sure. Intra day

Insiders Club-9-19-2012 Bookmark



A pretty "odd" day. Yes the market is up some 45 points, but it's sort of weird. Things have jostled around versus standing strong and it's been more "herky jerky" than I expected.

First off I goofed the price on NTAP as

Insiders Club-9-18-2012 Bookmark


A long boring day for sure. But here's the thinking. They have had ample time for this market to really roll over. If they were going to dump this, we've had two incredibly dead days for them to do it, and yet all we do is "sit

Insiders Club-9-17-2012 Bookmark


Pretty limp day. At 2:30 the DOW's off 45. There's no volume. This is pretty classic stuff, they ran the market 200 on Bernanke's comments, everyone piles in and over and over they take back the "gap gains" while people are trying to pile in.

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