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6.22.2019 - WAR! Is it coming to an Iran near You Bookmark

Hello all, the Sunday edition of the Financial Intelligence Report is posted and this one's all about war. Are we going in? If so, why? Is Iran really the sponsor of so much terror, or is it because they refuse to bow down to Israel, that we're almost in a shooting war with them? 


We discuss all that, and then of course we look at the market which put in an all-time high this week. Does it belong here? are earnings and rate cuts going to keep it going? Give this a read today, it's a good issue.

6.19.2019 - The Free Investing Newsletter is UP! Bookmark

Hey everyone, the new Issue of the Financial Intelligence Report is up, and in this one we dive into the lunacy that is indeed "negative interest rates."  Is it possible that here in the US we might one day see negative rates? It's not only possible, it's coming. 

Not many know that there is already 12 TRILLION dollars globally that is posted at negative interest. This abomination, this monetary VooDoo is a disaster of epic proportions. Yet we're on the path toward having them right here. 

In the Market commentary, we chat about the Feds punting on cutting rates, and ponder the Trump/Xi meeting at the G20.  It's all good reading and like always, it's free. 

6.12.2019 - My Evening Rant is out! Bookmark

Hello all!  My Wednesday evening rant about all things UnGodly is now posted. Tonight we're looking at the mass migration of Sub-Saharan refugees that are storming our Southern border. How's they get here? Who's paying their freight? What's their purpose? Do they have Ebola? Is this a biological attack?


In Market land we look at the breather the market is taking, and ponder if it has more to run. Last weeks blast higher was epic, and we cashed out on two positions, taking in 4 bucks per share on each. That's good trading for 5 days. 

6.5.2019 - The Latest Issue Bookmark

Hello all, the newest free investment newsletter is up tonight. In the commentary section of this article, we talk about the investigations going on, into "anti-trust" etc, for the big social media platforms. Many are thinking that Trump is doing that to for the little guy, to make sure the conservatives stop being censored.  But I have a different take. 


In the market commentary, we talk about the 700 point bounce the market has put in in two days, and we ask the question, "what's next?"  So all in all, today's letter is pretty powerful and you should give it a read. 

5.29.2019 - The Patent Scam examined Bookmark

Hi all, today's Financial Intelligence Report is posted. In it we show you how the US patent office stole the technology that allowed social media to operate. The inventor Michael McKibben has been fighting since then to get his invention back. Please read this, it's incredible. 

Then of course we talk about the market and the insane gyrations it made after Mueller did his little speech today. The market was clearly not happy with the idea of Mueller basically telling Congress to look into Impeachment proceedings. He probably did this, because he knows Trumps own investigations into the illegal wire tapping and collusion between FBI agents is getting close to home. He needed the deflection.  Anyway, the market's in bad shape. Give it a read. 

5.26.2019 - Enjoy Your Memorial day Bookmark

Before getting into this Holiday shortened letter, I want to wish you all a great Memorial day weekend. While you go about your barbeques and beers, please take some time to think about and say a prayer for all the service men and women that have indeed laid down their lives.

While I detest war, because as General Smedley said back in the 30’s “all war is a racket”, I certainly don’t detest the brave folks that have gone off and fought and yes, died. My dad and two of his brothers stomped across France and Germany. My cousins were in Vietnam. We were the lucky ones, they came home. But many did not, and for them and the Gold Star families that lost them, I offer a prayer of thanks, and hope. 

Well the market is a mess, the Washington DC area is a mess as the Deep state panics over Trump declassifying everything while they're in the midst of trying to impeach him. But my story tonight in the free investing newsletter is actually about a man who created something very good, that Uncle Sam stole from him via the Patent office. Give this letter a read folks, it's a good one

5.18.2019 - The Free Investing Newsletter is up! Bookmark

Hey folks, the Sunday issue of the Financial intelligence report is up now, and in this issue we look at the madness that is indeed our current state of affairs. From negative interest rates, to synchronized Central banks, we're in a time like no other. 


The Bible says there's nothing new under the sun. But I don't think they knew about high frequency trading, and negative interest rates. Neither existed, unless there were ancient aliens here. However one thing has always stayed the same, the elites dragging nations into war. It feels like one's coming. 

5.12.2019 - HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Bookmark

Hey everyone, go give your mom a hug and tell her you love her. Without here there's no you, and it's important to let her know she's still important to you!

Anyway the weekend edition of the newsletter is posted, and today it's about the new law in Florida allowing for Teachers to be armed. But this time there's a bonus. A 2 year long investigation has revealed something that most gun owners understood. There's never been a single shooting in any school where the teachers have been allowed to conceal carry. Never. 


It's a good research article and I suggest you read today's letter. It's informative. Oh and of course we talk about the "NO DEAL" China trade situation. The market put in a big show of bravado after learning of no deal... will that bravado last? We chat about it. 

5.4.2019 - We're Melting Down Bookmark

Hello everyone, the new issue of the Financial Intelligence Report is posted. Today we're looking at the meltdown of our society and the  outright war between the far left and the right. Facebook is banning influencers because they say they spread hate. It's BS. Facebook is a criminal data gathering monopoly, and they're stomping out free speech. 

Then I post some insane headlines I gathered from around the net. The things going on are mind bending. 


In the market commentary, we talk about the jobs report, which was tarted up more than a Christmas Turkey. They're so desperate now they'll make up anything to keep this market up. 

5.1.2019 The Freebie is posted! Bookmark

Hey everyone, in today's FIR, we look at what's happening in Venezuela and ask the question, could it happen here? Spoiler: Yes it could. The war between the left and the right is going to get brutal in the next year and a half, and all hell could break loose. 


Then we talk about Powell and the FOMC meeting today. As I suggested, there was no rate hike or rate cut. But some of the things Powell did say, was indeed noteworthy. 

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