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11.28.2020 - This is for ALL the Marbles Click Here Bookmark

All the Marbles, Again

By the time you read this, any number of things could have passed, simply because I’m writing this on Friday afternoon, since the markets are closed.

Usually I write the FIR on Saturday morning, but I figured that since I can’t be trading, I might as well use the time for something else. Hence, here I am.

Over the past week, I’ve probably talked to more than 2 dozen people that are trying to figure out what’s going on with the election situation. Did Biden really win? Did Trump really win? Was there a “rig” in the game? Can Trump pull this off? Will they allow all this fraud to stand? And on and on and on.

I’m not the best writer in the world. Anyone that’s been with me long enough knows that my punctuation stinks, my sentence structure isn’t proper, and thank God for spell check, or you’d think I was writing in an alien language.

But I’ve been told enough times over these 28 years, that I have a bit of a knack for writing like I talk, it’s like a conversation with you. And that’s all I want to do in these letters, is talk with you all. I’m not terribly interested in my proper use of the language. I’m usually just trying to get a point across.

There’s many writers that have the luxury of weeks and weeks to produce one single article. With that much time, and the advent of such things as technology that helps you write “more intense and esoteric” articles, I imagine that I could produce an article that is magazine worthy. But I don’t have that luxury. I put out two free letters a week, 15+ market updates per week, and a Sunday long term investment article each week. Time is not on my side. Nor is my focus on trying to convince you that I’m the next Shakespeare. I’m terribly not interested in being so.

What I am interested in, is deep conversation with you all. And at NO time in my last 28 years is a deep conversation warranted as it is now.

When I say something such as “they’ve been working on taking over the US for well over 100 years,” there’s some amount of people that just roll their eyes and think I’m nuts. Now only one of two things can possibly be true here. Either a cabal of globalist/communists have been trying to take control of the US for over 100 years, or I’m dead wrong. It cannot be both.

Yet those who simply roll their eyes and snicker, have absolutely not done the research into the topic. Because it is evident that if they did, they’d find I wasn’t nuts, I was correct.

History can be looked at as “his story.” History is written by the victors, and the stories are told as they wish them to be believed. For instance, most people believe that the US civil war was fought because of slavery. It wasn’t. Was it a part of the story? Absolutely. But the fact is the war between the north and south, was much more about taxation. Yet unless you dig into the true history of it, you’d never know that.

Let me ask a question. Read this first:
 In August of 1862, Lincoln wrote to the editor of the New York Tribune the following:

As to the policy I "seem to be pursuing" as you say, I have not meant to leave any one in doubt.

I would save the Union. I would save it the shortest way under the Constitution. The sooner the national authority can be restored; the nearer the Union will be "the Union as it was." If there be those who would not save the Union, unless they could at the same time save slavery, I do not agree with them. If there be those who would not save the Union unless they could at the same time destroy slavery, I do not agree with them.

My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that

Happy Thanksgiving! Click this for the whole letter! Bookmark


This is a tough letter to pen. You’ll understand why in a few moments.

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. Each year that rolls around, I explain why. The easy reason is that it’s a time for friends and families to get together. We certainly don’t do enough of that, and I’m guilty too.

But for me the real reason Thanksgiving is special, isn’t JUST because we get to see family we haven’t seen all year, or that there’s a cornucopia of tremendous food in the kitchen, or that we get “a day off.” No, for me the wonder of the day is that we have a Holiday for giving thanks. This is something, many of us are woefully inadequate at.

I am guilty as charged. I should be on my knees every single day saying thanks for all the good things that there’s been in my life. Yet life gets in the way. People get sick, we get too busy, we get caught up in the rat race. And then, instead of taking a breather and saying a prayer of thanks for all the good we have, we whine and complain. There’s “never enough” whether it’s time or money or love or health, or what have you.

So I am grateful that Mr. Abe Lincoln decided that we needed a National day of Thanksgiving. See, everyone learned the story in grade school that in 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Native Americans shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies. To this day, kids dress up as Pilgrims and Indians and have school plays about it.

However, it wasn’t standardized across the colonies. In fact, while almost all communities had church services where a “thanksgiving remembered” feast would occur, it wasn’t until 1863, in the midst of the Civil War, that President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day to be held each November.

Well I’m glad he did so. At least for one solitary day out of the whole year, we are reminded that there’s things to be Thankful for. So, it’s always been my favorite Holiday. We do get to overindulge in great spreads of food, we do get to see family and friends. We do get to take some time and look around and say our own version of “Thank you” for all we do have.

11.18.2020 - Today's Free Letter, click here Bookmark

Weeklies, Not for the Timid


For the second time I a row, I’m not going to talk about the election. I find that funny really, because for several weeks I talked about it and figured people were getting tired of my blather. So my last article was on Gap up and Gap down market opens, and the problems with them.


Wouldn’t you know, I got literally 30+ Emails from folks saying things along this line: “this is the most important election in our lifetime and you stop talking about it to say something about gap opens?????  You need to get back on track!”


So, I can’t win. If I talk about it, I catch hell, and if I don’t I catch hell. Go figure.


But no, I’m not talking election today. I probably will this weekend, but not today. Today I’m going to talk about “weekly” options. Are they good, bad or indifferent? Let’s chat.


Options are a wonderful tool. I use them very often, and they’re a big part of my toolbox. For most people, they simply use them in one of three ways. One way is to buy a call option on a stock you think will rise. Then there’s those that buy “put” options and they’re for stocks you think are going to fall. Finally there’s the covered call, where you buy a stock, and then sell the right for someone to buy it from you at a higher price.


The bulk,  and I mean 85% of all options trades are those 3 basics. But of course there’s many more ways to use options, such as “naked” selling, straddles, condors, butterflies, you name it. I personally only do calls, puts, covered calls and some naked puts.

11.14.2020 - Free Investing Newsletter click here! Bookmark

The annoying Gap


 One of my pet peeves when it comes to all things market, is the morning gap up or gap down. If you’ve been around the markets long enough, you know a few things that are indeed true. For instance, if you’re not “in” the market on the 10 best market days, there’s a chance you’re flat on the year.


Well this is also true concerning gap up mornings. If you’re not in the market at the close the day before, it’s frustrating as hell to see the market gap higher by 100 or 200 points the next day, and worse…. Many is the time that the morning gap high, is the high of the entire day.


This is what catches so many new traders off guard. They see the morning futures suggesting a big open and they put in market orders at the open. Well those market makers see all those market orders, and they line them up on the “wheel.”  Then they can literally ‘place” your order pretty much where they want.


So, what happens is that the market gaps up say 150 points. You have a market order for XYZ on the open. Those Market makers see the volume and since it’s their job to make as much as possible, they will try and fill you at the highest price point they can. Let’s say XYZ gapped from a close of 95.50 last night, and opens at 96.75.


If you look at enough gap up opens, the market generally gaps up big, jams higher for just a moment or two, then dips as daytraders take their quick profits. Then it usually bounces, making an even bigger high in those first couple moments. THAT’s where they want to fill your market order.  


They see “all” the orders. So what they do is they fill the “limit” orders first, and ‘save” your order for a bit. Then on that double high, they fill you out. From there on, it’s market mechanics as to where the day is going to go, and quite often, the high of the first 20 minutes IS THE HIGH OF THE DAY. Meaning that if you sent in a market order in the premarket before you left for work, they probably filled you at an ugly high price. By 10:30 you’re likely to be underwater. Ouch.


The key to gap opens, is to be IN the stock and reap the benefits of the gap. Consider the following “facts”


On Oct 30, the DOW closed at 26,501.  The next day it opened at 26,691.  That’s 190 points. The market didn’t do that “organically” by millions of traders buying and selling, the market got there from the futures market suggesting it should be higher and “boom” higher it went. If you weren’t in it, you didn’t get it.  But that was okay, because the market did go higher intra day, you just missed the gap money.


That went on for 4 sessions, with gaps of 100 to 300 points. But then “it” happened. On Nov 6, we closed at 28,323. The next day we gapped and boy did we gap. We opened at 29,467. Yes, over 1200 points.


The people that owned it the day before, made out like bandits. And that’s my point. When the market is heading higher, a Tremendous amount of the gains comes at the hands of gap ups. Not intra day trading.


The obvious problem with this, is that markets gap DOWN too. On Oct 23, we closed at 28,335. The next day we opened at 28,185.  That’s a loss of  150 points. If you were in the DOW overnight, there’s NOTHING you could have done to prevent losing money. 


The next day we closed at 27,463. The following morning we opened at 27,102.  That means 361  points simply “vanished” from the close one day, to the open the next. There’s no defense against that. You can’t sell your stocks at 2 am when they’re playing games with the futures market.


This is why I’m so against gap opens. Frankly I believe they should be illegal. How is it fair that I can go to bed with my stock XYZ closing at 101.45  and the very next morning in the open  of premarket trading, it’s down 4 bucks? It’s not fair, it’s criminal. But then, so is Wall Street, so take it for what it’s worth.


If I had a point behind all this, it is that If you bought every open this year and sold at the close you’d be DOWN on the year. Yes read it again. However,  If you bought every close, and sold in the morning, you’d be UP big on the year. Sounds upside down, no? Indeed.


So what’s the defense? How do we get around all that? First off, you can’t completely. It’s simply a fact that gaps are here and they’re here to stay. Your best defense if you’re a long only player is the morning wait game.


As I said, quite often the first 20 minutes to about 40 minutes is the high of the day for the market. Look at the intra day action for virtually any stock you’d like and then average it out over 22 days (which is the average amount of trading days in a month) and you’ll see that more times than not that opening high, is the high of the day.


So, we like to ignore that morning slop. Now, here’s where it gets sort of interesting. If you’re a daytrader, with a good platform and the time to sit there and watch things, you can play both sides of this. You can often short the opening fifteen minutes, bail out, then play the upside bounce  if it develops.


But what if you just want a safe entry on a stock you’re going to hold for a bit. Well, in that case, even today after 28 years of watching things, the “safest’ entry is to mark the stocks high between 9:31 am and about 10:10.  Let’s say that’s 56.22. Then it fades off that and for hours it’s trading around 55.90 – 56.04.


Then, at about 2 pm, you see it start moving and it crosses over that morning high of 56.22. That’s when you pull the trigger. Why? Well, you know that it didn’t get there on overnight market maker shenanigans. It got there because during the day, more people were buying it than selling it. It was “organic” as we like to say.


The other thing it “proves” is this: When the morning high is set, where it ran out of upside gas is now a resistance point. If during the day the buying pressure is so great that it exceeds that resistance level, it’s another sign that the organic buying pressure is pretty positive.


Does this always work? Heck no. NOTHING and you can repeat that a thousand times, nothing always works in the market. But to this day, it still seems to be the safest entry I’ve been able to discern.


One thing that we’ve done successfully lately in all this volatility, has been on red closes, to buy a bit of a high flyer like NVDA at that close. Then reap the 2, 3, 5 dollars on the morning gap up that’s been so common lately. We did it Thursday at the close, buying the XLK.


We bought at the close on Thursday  at 120.18. Then Friday morning it opened at 121.09, ripped to 120.30 in moments and then faded. We sold it at 120.20 grabbing that quick dollar per share.


Trading is not easy, but if you can find a trend, you can often tilt the odds in your favor. But no matter what, I’ll always hate gaps.  Have a great weekend.



11.7.2020 - The latest letter, Who won? Bookmark

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Who Won?

Hey everyone, this letter will be a bit shorter than my normal articles. I was alerted Wednesday that my closest friend had a stroke, and while stable, he wasn’t out of the woods by a long shot. I’ve been busy trying to chat with the family, and my mind isn’t focused on markets right now.

So, who won? The Media. The Machine behind the media is who won this election. For 4 years, 24/7 all we heard was Orange man bad. Orange man racist. Orange man homophobic, Orange man bad on trade, Orange man bad as a human, Orange man raping the nation, and on and on and on and on. It never stopped. They wanted him stopped, and they pulled out all the stops to make it happen.

There’s millions of Americans, especially the elderly, that believe every single word that comes out of the mouths of the mutants on TV news. I saw it with my own mom, as every evening she’d have the news on and hear how terrible Donald Trump is. Then she’d have to ask me, if he really “did this, or did that” and I’d have to explain the real story

11.4.2020 - A Short Wednesday Letter Bookmark

An Extremely Short Letter

Hi all. Usually my Wed and Sunday missives are pretty long winded affairs, but today’s letter is going to be pretty short and sweet. Last evening I found out that my probably closest friend, had a stroke. He’s stable, but not out of the woods. So, today my focus wasn’t on writing a letter, it was talking to his family and his wife and trying to hold things together.

So, the market has been on a tear. Last Friday at the close, we had peeled off about 400+ points. It was a deep red day. But come Monday, Tuesday and today, we’ve done nothing but soar straight up. In fact at one point today we were up about 800 points!

The common thinking is that markets hate uncertainty. Well, then they must be certain about something because they’ve sure piled on the points. I’ve heard a ton of “reasons” why were up so much. Everything from a Biden Presidency, but a republican senate will keep any really wild agenda’s in check and that’s wonderful, to Bidens spending will eclipse Trumps and the market loves all that stimulus money. I’ve heard a handful of other “excuses” too.

See, here’s the problem with the “original” theorem, the one saying Biden President and Republican Senate is the best of all worlds. The election is NOT decided, and frankly it’s going to be contested from here to hell and back.

Just late this afternoon, Pam Bondi and Rudy Giuliani were in Philadelphia and did a press conference. They’re suing Philly over Philly not letting the observers in to observe the ballots and the handling of them. They’re also considering suits in Wisconsin and Michigan and maybe even Nevada.

They have reason to do this. I’m just some guy on the internet and yet I’ve seen video of a man setting fire to about 80 ballots that were cast for Trump. I’ve heard from eye witnesses from folks being made to fill in their ballots with sharpies instead of pens, but because of bleed through, the machines won’t count sharpies ink. I’ve seen video’s of a man claiming he’s destroyed many ballots. I watched a video of a man who said he was an election observer, he was told to leave because they were shutting down for the night, only to find out once he was gone they went right ahead “counting’ votes.
Then of course there was the bizarre “shut down” of the counting last night. At Midnight Trump was leading quite big in Michigan and Wisconsin. Then all of a sudden they shut down all the counting. A few hours later they restart and a fresh load of 130K ballots shows up and EVERY ONE WENT TO BIDEN. That’s impossible.

So this election is going to be contested in a big way. Unlike Republicans of the past that simply rolled over every time the left did something, this is a different animal. Trump is not going to let the left get away with this IF indeed there’s been fraud. When it’s all over, we might very well have Trump winning. I don’t know. But if Wall Street hates uncertainty, we’re sure getting a lot of it.

We’ve just had 3 huge up days. We closed today well off the highs. Yes it was still a 360 point day, but as I said at one point it was close to 800. I have to imagine that the market is going to take a breather in here for a couple days. When the final bell rang, the DOW was actually below its 50 day moving average. That’s interesting.

My guess is that with the Trump side pushing back, the market is going to back up a bit and go into pause mode for a few days. I could see Biden announcing he’s won, I could see Trump announcing the lawsuits. Oh and by the way, what ever happened with Hunters Laptop, and the testimony from his business partner that yes indeed Joe Biden was getting kickbacks from China?? Poof? All gone and ‘nothing to see here??”

I just have a hunch all sorts of hell is going to break loose over the next week. Stay safe, and I’ll see you all on Sunday. 

10.21.2020 - Holy Craziness! Bookmark

Hi Folks. 


The newest article is up, and this one's a doozie. We're talking free crypto currency, we're talking China, Hunter Biden, election tampering and a whole host of things. The closer we get to the actual election, the more insanity is coming forth and it is really getting crazy. You owe it to yourself to read this latest installment, because it will indeed get you thinking about your future and the future of the country. 

10.14.2020 - Free Newsletter is up! Bookmark

So, Emails from Hunter Biden have been released that sort of pee all over Bidens claim that he had no idea what his kid was up to dealing in Ukraine. See, he has said multiple times that he knew nothing about it. But in an email from a Ukrainian executive, Hunter is praised for introducing him to his father. 


It can't be both. Biden either met with Ukrainians, or he didn't The Ukrainian said he did. So, is that latest bombshell going to shake up the market? It could. We just put in two down days in a row, and they're rather rare. We might have some real volatility coming and possible, and I say possibly some downside coming. The inverse ETF for the NASDAQ has seen RECORD inflows of money. Someone, no wait, a bunch of someones, think this market is going lower.  Hey, go over to the free newsletter and give it a read. 

10.3.2020 - The free newsletter is up! Bookmark

Hey everyone, the Sunday edition of the Financial Intelligence Report is up already, and in this one we discuss a pretty important question. If somehow Biden were to actually steal, oops, I mean win the election, how would the market react? Some suggest that with all his Democratic friends willing to blow money on every imaginable social program that the market would continue higher. 


But I'm not so sure of that. His tax plans, his push for the Green new deal, and a host of other issues, suggests to me that Corporate America might suffer under a Biden Presidency. Now, with Trump in the hospital with the corona virus, this question becomes more important,  So, go ahead and give it a read, I think there's some good stuff in there. 

9.26.2020 - The Free Newsletter is up! Bookmark

Hey everyone, the free investing newsletter is up and this weekend you don't have to listen to me blather about politics, or the election or the globalist elites or what have you. Nope, today's letter is all about the market action and where the market MIGHT be going over the next few weeks. 

That's not to say we don't have the most important election in like "ever" coming at us, because we do. And that election has the ability to derail this market big time.  But in the here and now, there's some evidence that we might be looking at a small sustainable bounce. 

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