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1.15.2020 - Earnings Madness! Bookmark

Hello Folks! Today's free investment newsletter is posted, and in it we discuss earnings season and why as traders we do NOT hold a stock over it's earnings report. Why? the risk to reward just isn't worth it. Yes you might get lucky and your stock gaps up the next morning. Or, like Target today, you come into the open with a rude 9 dollar per share gap down. 


So give tonight's letter a read, it just might help you avoid the gap down pain of holding over earnings. 

1.8.2020 - Tonight's Letter is Up! Bookmark

Well it's been a wild ride, these first 8 days of 2020. Tonight we talk about Government lies, economic lies, inflation lies, and a host of other things. 

Naturally we had to spend some time talking about the whole Iran thing, because for a while there it seemed like we were rushing towards war. But it has turned out quite different.  While we aren't out of the woods, especially since 3 old style missiles fell around Baghdad late this afternoon, we don't appear to be on the path to war. 

12.29.2019 - Virginia, the Test Tube Bookmark


Today's letter is very very important. You can find it here:


In it, we talk about the madness going on in Virginia. The Democrats took control of the State and they make it very clear, they want you disarmed. If you refuse to turn in your AR 15's they want to arrest you. This isn't fake news folks, this is the real deal. Now granted I could ask the simple question, being who's the idiots that elected THESE idiots to the positions?  


Anyway, give this letter a read, this is very important. Why? I believe Virginia is the test tube. The trial run before they launch such crap across the Nation. 





12.18.2019 - Thank you! Bookmark

Today I gave my wife a card, and in the card was the donations you had all sent her. She's battling stage 3 breast cancer, Double mastec tomy, Chemo, radiation, the whole bit. So, I created a cookbook of our recipes and placed them on line. I suggested that anyone that wanted to donate a couple bucks for it, I would present the donations to my wife as a gift from my wonderful readers. 

She was overwhelmed. She didn't know I was doing it, and she broke down in tears. 


Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!


In the letter, I discuss the coming civil war. You know it's brewing. Conservatives against liberals, straights against trans, liberals against Christians, etc. It's getting ugly out there and now, in Virginia the Democratic leadership wants to confiscate citizens guns. This is not going to go over very well and we discuss the "2nd amendment" sanctuary counties that have been created. 


I hope this doesn't lead to bloodshed, but we proved in the real civil war that Americans can indeed kill Americans. At antietam alone, in one day, 23,000 med were killed or wounded. That was with 1860 weapons. If things get crazy in 2019 or 2020, it could be worse.


So, we take a look at all that and more. Please give it a read, because it could end up in your backyard. 

12.7.2019 - The Free Newsletter is UP! Bookmark

Hello everyone, the Sunday edition of the Financial Intelligence Report is up. Today in the commentary section we talk about Monday's release of the Inspector General's report, and what that could mean in the scope of things. Will it change the Impeachment process? Will any bombs drop? Is the report even the "thing" we should be looking at, or is a distraction from what Barr has been doing in secret? 


In the market commentary, we look at gold, as it took a hit Friday after the stock market went ballistic. Is gold's run over, or is this your last chance to get it under 1500 dollars the ounce for basically "ever??"  Give it a read, it's "good stuff!"


11.13.2019 - Who's the Most Important? Bookmark

Hey folks, the latest free investing newsletter is posted here at investyourself. Tonight we ask the question, who creates jobs? Give the article a read, because you might not have ever thought about it like this. 

Then of course we do our market commentary and try and decipher what is driving this market. Did you know that the Swiss Central bank went hog wild in the 3rd quarter and pushed their holdings of US stocks to over 90 BILLION???  I remember the days where if you suggested a central bank was buying stocks, you'd get laughed at. Now that one bank owns 90 billion worth. 

Give the letter a spin, it's a good one. 

11.3.2019 - Beware the CUSIP Bookmark

11.3.2019  CLICK this and READ IT!

10.20.2019 - A lesson Learned! Bookmark

Hello all. 


For those of you that are Insider members, or that read our free newsletters, you know the ordeal I have been going through with my wife. She's got stage 3 breast cancer and had a double mastectomy three weeks ago. It's crazy the amount of tests, scans, doctors and what have you, we've been to. 

So in today's letter, I write about how I really understand how hard it is to "trade" the market, when you can't be involved almost full time. I've always been a trader, and I spend my days in a chair in front of the computer. But for those of you who have jobs and lives, I always knew it was tough.... but now I know just how tough.


So today I realize that I need to really focus on our longer term letter, and I explain why. Give it a read, I believe it's good info.






10.9.2019 - The Free Investing Newsletter! Bookmark

Hello Everyone. Today's free newsletter is up, and tonight we comment on the upcoming civil war that's brewing. The Deep state is pushing for not only impeachment, but for total control of the US, and the good guys are trying their best to take them out. 


It's getting worse day by day and I absolutely believe that protests in NY or LA or what have you will turn violent. There's nothing the deep state won't try. I'm not being paranoid, but think about 9/11.  19 Saudi's with box cutters did NOT take down the trade towers. No, very evil people with evil agenda's did. And, they killed 3000 people like it was nothing. So, imagine what they'll do to avoid jail time for treason!

In the market section, we talk about the China trade talks that start tomorrow. It's going to be a volatile market, that hangs on every headline that comes out of those talks. If some form of deal emerges, even a "lite" deal, the market could soar. But if nothing comes of it, I could see 500 point down days. 

10.2.2019 The Freebie is up! Bookmark

Hi all. I guess you noticed that I've been missing in action lately and that's because of my wife. The poor gal had a full double mastectomy done last wednesday and my job has been to be the support team. I've managed her drains, I've done her sponge baths and I've washed her hair. 


Today she had the pleasure of having the drains removed and boy was she happy about that!  So, thank you to all that wrote in and sent well wishes!


Anyway the free investing newsletter is up and today I took a few pot shots at the elites that are using that little Swedish kid to further their climate change baloney. It's disgusting, bordering on Child abuse. IN fact a young teenager took his own life, figuring that the climate was going to kill him anyway. How despicable.

So, give it a read, it's a pretty good rant. 

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