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11.27.2020 - Insider Bookmark


And a big Good morning to you all! I hope you had a tremendous day yesterday, and enjoyed it with your families and friends. 

We had a truly marvelous day. My wife was in the kitchen before I even wandered down the hall. She said that all she needed from me was to prepare the bird, since it is a chore.

Ours was 21 lbs, and my method of cooking it is to spatchcock the bird, and once the back bone is removed,and he's "flattened out" he gets seasoned, and put on a heavy wire rack on top of a large stainless pan.  It's not easy cutting the backbone out of a bird that big, so that's my job. 

11.25.2020 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to the day before Thanksgiving!  Hopefully you all have your plans set, your food of choice in waiting, and are looking forward to a fine day of prayer, thanksgiving and reflection. I certainly am.

So, I was gone yesterday. I had no clue what happened from about 11:00  until about 6 pm. Then I saw the charts, the indexes and knew that it must have been quite the day. We popped over DOW 30K, the S&P clearly broke the 3600 level, and I could hear the party favors and kazoos playing in the background. 

11.24.2020 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning all, and welcome to another interesting day. But, one that could already be over considering the futures. 

Okay, so yesterday the market was sort of "sluggish" for most of the session and then all of a sudden "boom" up we went. Why was that? Well the so called Biden platform had selected Janet Yellen as the Treasury Secretary. 

11.23.2020 - Insider Bookmark


Morning all, welcome to Thanksgiving week. I hope you all had a great weekend!

We had a nice weekend, especially yesterday as we played with the tomato seedlings. I get a serene calm when I'm working with the garden, as the miracle of life unfolds. 

11.20.2020 - Insider Club Bookmark


Morning all. 

Ever have one of those mornings, where you just can't get your act together? That's me this morning. Nothing's working right, I'm still tired despite a good sleep and I'm glad it's a Friday. 

So bear with me, it's just "one of those days"

11.19.2020 - Insider Club Bookmark


Howdy all, it's another day in crazyland. 

Yesterday was all over the map, but ended decidedly in the red. This morning the futures have been in a narrow range with the DOW implied to open red at times  by just 15 and other times by -70. 

11.18.2020 - Insider Club Bookmark


Good morning all, and another big welcome to a new day. 

11.17.2020 - Insider Club Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to what promises to be another crazy day. 

So yesterday, I was expecting a bit of fade into the closing hour and that's what we had. FOR A WHILE.  in fact, this is what I said:

There's reason to believe that after Friday's romp and now today's romp, we're a bit overbought. So it won't surprise me to see a bit of pink show up tomorrow, or possibly a fade into the close. 

11-16-2020 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome to a new week. And, if you look at the futures, it will remind you of another recent Monday. That would be last Monday when the futures rose 1200 points on Pfizers vaccine news. This time it's Moderna. They say their vaccine has shown 94% efficacy.

That's all it took to have the futures soar higher by 500 points. Anyway...

11.13.2020 - Insider Bookmark


Friday the Thirteenth. Seems fitting in this bizarre world.

So yesterday, we lost over 300 on the DOW and over 30 on the S&P. This morning, for absolutely no reason the futures are big and fat green. Why is the DOW indicated up 207?  No reason really. Sometime overnight they decided that they didn't like the red futures, and "boom" up it wen

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