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9.16.2020 - Free Investing Newsletter Bookmark

Trading the Election


I don’t know how many of you are active investors. I don’t know if you are active traders, or just happen to read our articles to get a sense of what’s happening behind the scenes.

5.1.2020 - Insider Bookmark


Well now...

After losing almost 300 DOW points yesterday, we come into this mornng with the DOW indicated to be down 450 at the open. 

2.11.2020 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to a new day.

The futures are green again. The only explanation for this incredible push for higher and higher, in my estimation, is "headroom" over the corona virus

12.27.2019 - Insider club Bookmark


Unleash the madness!  For what ever reason, they decided yesterday was a good day to start really pouring it on.  The monster names like AAPL had enormous gains. But not much compares to AMZN gaining almost 80 bucks a share. In one day. 

Go figure. 

2.1.2019 - Insider Bookmark


Morning all, welcome to not only Friday, but the first day of February. Ahh yes, February, my  "break out your wallet" month. 

See, each year I have to deal with a week in February that gets harder and harder.  We have Valentines day on the 14th. Well, then I have my wife's birthday on the 16th. Then to top it off it's our Anniversary on the 19th. 

10.26.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning all, it's Friday. Again. 

I don't know if you watched the fireworks after the close yesterday, but all hell broke loose. They didn't like the numbers out of Amazon or Google, and both were hit really hard. I saw AMZN down about 165 points, and Google down over 130. 

7.27.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning folks, and yes it's yet another Friday. 

My theory had been that the market would hold up Thursday, and then after the bell Amazon would report earnings, beat the estimates and soar. That would pull the entire NASDAQ higher and we'd come into Friday with big bright futures. 

4.27.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning all, we've made it to another Friday. 

Okay, so Tuesday we reached down almost to the S&P 200 day. Then Wednesday they let it dip just a bit more before the  rescue kicked in. Yesterday, they figured that everything was just fine and up we went. While we didn't close at the highs of the day, lets not kid ourselves. We gained 238 on the DOW and about 28 on the S&P. 

4.23.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning everyone, and welcome back from your weekend. I certainly hope it was a good one for you all. 

Down here in Sunny Florida, ours didn't turn out quite so well this time around. On Friday afternoon, I could tell that my significant other wasn't feeling well. She was getting bouts of chills, and beginning to cough. Sure enough by Saturday morning she was full blown "sickly" with the sniffles, the cough, the chills, the whole ball of wax. Bummer.  So, like a good hubby, I made sure she stayed on bed, and I did all the stupid running around.

7.28.2017 Bookmark


Good Friday morning to you all! Yes it's another Friday and after that bizarro day yesterday, it's coming just in time.

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