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11.8.2017 - The Tech Revolution Bookmark

Today's investment newsletter revolves around the push for autonomous vehicles. Bob Lutz was the former Vice Chair of GM and he penned an opinion piece about what the next 20 years is to bring and how drastic the changes will be in the auto industry. I think you should give it a read, it is really eye opening. 


In the market commentary, it's a lot of the same. We're grinding higher, we're leaning long, but we're certainly not seeing the huge up days as we have in the past. We'll talk more about that on Sunday. 

6.7.2015 Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Cash Out Auto Loans!

I really do have to thank Trader Rob, Ted, Gary, Chuck, Bryce, and a host of other “good guys” that I talk to on an almost daily basis. Because without them, I’d swear I was going crazy and making up some of the stories I relate to all you folks.  But no, apparently I’m still sane, it’s the world that’s lost it’s marbles.

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