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The Plan
Do you know the plan? Has anyone called you with it? No? Well me neither. So, since we don’t have the plan, the only thing we can do is ask questions and try and figure out that plan.
We are in the most bizarre of worlds. Not many know this, but when you add up the assets that have been bought by the leading Central banks of the world, you come up with a startling figure.

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Until It Can’t?

Over the years, we’ve talked many times about the fact that Central banks are now enormous buyers of actual stocks. We’ve mentioned how the Bank of Japan owns almost ¾ of all their market ETF’s. How the Swiss national bank has bought literally billions of dollars worth of AAPl,  and MSFT and XOM.  We’ve talked about how companies have borrowed money at virtually zero interest rates and used the money to buy up their own shares of stock.

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Good morning all, we've made it to Fed day.

Last night we heard from the Bank of Japan. How to describe it? Well, it wasn't as much as they wanted, but it keeps "QE' in play for almost "ever".  So while they didn't fiddle with rates, they are doing their version of a reverse twist operation, with virtually no end to it. Their version of "what ever it takes".  While not all they wanted, most markets are indeed green this morning, with Japan's market up the most.

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Hello everyone, welcome to Wednesday.

Yesterday had a lot of twists and turns to it. After the giant up day on Monday, Tuesday dawned and erased all those gains. But as usual, while it looked like uncontrolled mayhem, if you step back a bit and look at the bigger picture, the numbers tell a story.

What was the low back on Friday's big sell off?  2127.  Where did we end the session yesterday? 2127.

4.27.2016 -Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Can You Beat City Hall?

While there’s a million things I’d like to write about, I keep trying to hammer one point over and over, because it is indeed “that important”.  What is that point? If you truly see what they’ve been doing, you’d have to admit to yourself that we’ve entered the twilight zone matrix-like market.

Because I pump out 2 letters a week for over 20 years, it becomes hard to follow the plot sometimes. Hey, I get it. We talk about a lot of things in these letters. But there are “big themes” that don’t change week to week and it is the big theme that I’m talking about right now.

4.20.2016 - Goldman Thinks BOJ will Buy Stocks Bookmark

In the overnight session, the futures were really quite weak, as the S&P was down about 8 points and looking lower. Then as if by magic they started to rise and by morning they had peeked into the green. Why? Well evidently Goldman Sachs thinks that the Bank of japan will come out at the end of the month and announce it is buying up 7 trillion yen worth of stocks, via ETF's.  How completely perverted are the global stock markets when Central banks are actually putting in a backstop??  Very. Welcome to the matrix!

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