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Insiders Club - 1.27.2015 Bookmark


I mentioned to you all yesterday that the "over the top" hype about the NY "Blizzard of the Century" was simply too much to bear. The wife and I were in a hotel Sunday morning and we flipped on the Weather Channel for a while. I couldn't believe the panic they were trying to generate. One of their "weather experts" had actually said a few times that you should run out and buy a generator, buy a snowblower, you're going to need them.

Like folks have 4 or 5 grand laying around to run out and buy a generator and snow-blower for a stupid one time storm.

So, the big event came and what happened? Nothing. The Biggest storm of the Century was the biggest weather forecast bust in history. NY got about 5 - 6 inches. NJ, where folks were shutting down in anticipation of the "worst", got 2 - 3.

There are a few areas way out on long Island that did get up to about 15 inches, and yes Boston into New Hampshire is still getting snow, but...lets face it, the level of panic they inflicted on people was simply ridiculous.  

 Don't you find it funny that they can tell us that man made global warming is going to wipe us out in 40 years, but they can't forecast a storm 24 hours ahead properly? Go figure eh?

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Is a blizzard going to be "the event?"  Don't laugh, last year they blamed all the ills of our economy on the "polar vortex" of cold air that came down from Canada.  Could we be looking at a similar situation?

I'm on record saying that the Fed's are going to continue to preach that everything is just fine in the US, no matter how ugly things truly are...UNTIL they get an event they can blame the soggy economy on.

For three days I've been hearing so much hype about the "blizzard" that's coming to the northeast that it is really quite incredible. I was watching the Weather Channel yesterday and just could not believe the fear hype they're injecting into folks. They were telling people point blank that they should run out and get a generator. Run out and buy a snowblower.  Go to the store and stock up for at least a week of food. Shelter in place, do NOT go out. Don't try and go to work. Don't plan on any travel for at least 4 days.....

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