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7.29.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all, we've made it to Friday and even this is somewhat different.....

Last night wrapped up the Democratic convention. I listened to Hillary's speech, and while I'm biased against her, I tried to keep a level head and listen for substance.  Nope, I didn't get any. At one point it appeared like her hubby Bill had actually fallen asleep. I can't blame him.

9.20.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to Wednesday.

So it's official, Donald Trump is indeed the Republican nominee for President. So far throughout the convention there's been the typical drama that tends to surround this race. We had the delegates that put on their pout party, we had everyone and their brother jump on the few lines that Melania's speech writer lifted. We had all manner of goofy things going on. But in the end, he's the man of the hour.

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