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9.2.2017 - 14 Trillion Bookmark

Yes folks, 14 Trillion. That's how much the global central bankers have accumulated in "assets" so far. On top of that, they're buying up 200 billion worth each and every month via their bizarre QE programs. So, when you see the stock market climb in the face of every form of deterrent, you know why. 

Missiles over Japan? Market goes up. Coup in the White House? Market goes up. Ukraine asking for more US weapons? Market goes up.  I guess if we were attacked by aliens, hit by asteroids and Yellowstone blew up, we'd see the market go up.  Not because everything's cheap, not because it's fair valued. No, simply because CB's are printing money out of thin air and buying stuff with it. 


Al Capone tried that, and they called it counterfeiting. But when Central banks do it, somehow it's high academic policy. Well what it really is, is the ultimate bubble blowing agenda. Everything's out of whack. Housing, stocks, you name it, the bubbles expanding. 

Today's article is about that very topic and where it leads us. Are they out to literally buy up everything? Imagine that, the globalists owning the worlds best companies. There's a fright. In any event, take a read of today's letter, it's thought provoking at least, and scary at best. 

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