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3.11.2017 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

It Isn’t Just Me Part II


Last week I said there were two articles written by authors other than myself, that I’d like to present. The reason is simple, when you’re writing about some of the topics I write about, a segment of the readership thinks you’re nuts. They figure you must be making things up. So every once in a while I like to present work that’s done by others, just to sort of “back things up” so to speak

3.8.2017 -Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

The Coup
I write 99% of the articles that appear in your in-box. But occasionally there comes an article that’s so well written and/or expresses the same information that I wanted to impart, that it sometimes just makes sense to post the author’s work.
Today I’m faced with a bit of a problem. There are actually two articles that I’ve read recently, that quite nicely go over the topics that I’ve been discussing lately. If you’ve paid attention, I continue to mention that there’s  “Warfare” going on at the very upper levels of Washington DC. I have mentioned many times that there’s warfare going on in the intelligence agencies. There’s the classic spy vs spy situation going on, but it’s not “out spies versus some other nefarious nation’s spy’s, it’s our spies against our own spy’s.  Wow.

7.18.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome back from the weekend. As always I hope it was a great one for you all. For the first time in a long time, the wife and I "escaped" for a couple days, and enjoyed the Florida coast at Madeira beach. It's a really fun area and if you get the chance you should take a run over to St. John's pass. Along with a neat boardwalk along the inlet, there's a fun group of shops, eateries, bars, etc.  It was really a fun time.

6.17.2015 Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Who Wants War?

For thousands of years; visionaries, prophets, spiritual leaders and the like have preached to mankind that he should love his neighbors, and enjoy this earth that’s been so graciously given to him. It’s been a constant theme from “the people” throughout the ages, and even culminating in such songs as “give peace a chance” by the Beatles in 1969. But unfortunately, peace has never come to this planet.

3.16.2015 Putin's not Dead Bookmark

It's been 10 days since anyone has seen Vlad Putin and boy did that lead to a ton of bizzaro speculation about where he might have been. Some figured he was ill, some figured he died, some figured he'd been assassinated, etc etc.

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