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6.10.2019 - Insider Bookmark


Hello all, welcome back from your weekend. I hope it was a great one for you all. 

If you're a Horizons subscriber, you know that the highlight of my weekend was a visit Sunday afternoon  by 2 "Nanday Conures" , which are medium sized parrots, that came to feast at our bird feeders yesterday. Ever since escaping in the 60's, many varieties of parrots that were once pets, have taken up residence in Florida, and they continue to thrive here. 

10.20.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome to a new day. 

So last night was the third and final debate. It didn't have the fireworks that many were expecting, but it was still entertaining. I do find it funny how the most damaging video one could imagine ( Okeef's underground vid of the people behind the violence at Trump rallies, and how they rig elections for Hillary)  wasn't on any main stream media. but what WAS on the front page of 7 major publications was "Trump won't say if he'll accept the election results".

6.15.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Hello all.....

Did you see it?  If you did, did you laugh? 

Yesterday the S&P was in the crapper. At one point down over 15 points, and hovering around 2062.   As late as 1:45 - 2 pm when I got the last update of the day out, the DOW was down 115 and the S&P down 12. 

This is what I said at 1:45  " For the close, watch for them to try and move the market up and at least recapture the 50 day moving average at 2076"

Insiders Club - 9.15.2015 Bookmark


G'morning all, welcome to another day.

Yesterday they simply couldn't muster any buying. Looking at the data, there wasn't a ton of selling going on, just a lack of folks willing to buy. When that happens, prices slide a bit as they try and lure in buyers with cheaper prices.

Insiders Club - 3.19.2015 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to the day after Yellen....

You all know what happened yesterday. Yellen removed the word patience from the Fed's statement, and then tripped over herself blathering about how they're in no hurry to hike rates and they're going to be all manner of data dependent.  The Street looked at how blatantly she was accommodating stock prices and decided that "she's on our side" and "boom" up we went.

It is almost poetic that the market was screaming higher, when we've now had something like 50 out of 59 economic reports miss their respective estimates. It just goes to show you how terribly addicted to free money we are.

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