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12.29.2019 - Virginia, the Test Tube Bookmark


Today's letter is very very important. You can find it here:


In it, we talk about the madness going on in Virginia. The Democrats took control of the State and they make it very clear, they want you disarmed. If you refuse to turn in your AR 15's they want to arrest you. This isn't fake news folks, this is the real deal. Now granted I could ask the simple question, being who's the idiots that elected THESE idiots to the positions?  


Anyway, give this letter a read, this is very important. Why? I believe Virginia is the test tube. The trial run before they launch such crap across the Nation. 





3.9.2019 - Who's Running? Bookmark

Today's free investing  newsletter is up, and we're having a bit of fun in this issue. If you haven't noticed, where's like 20 Democrats that have either declared their intentions to run in 2020 or they've suggested they might. Does the DNC really want 20+ Democrats running against each other? Or is there a plan here?


I'm not going to spill the beans, but I have a whole different theory on what's going to happen. So please take a few minutes and read what this nutcase ( me) thinks is going to surprise everyone about a year from now. 

1.23.2019 - Insider Bookmark


What a crazy day that was. 

I suggested back on Friday that I didn't want to add to any positions in case we stumbled into a "blood red" day. Well the futures suggested red, and we got it. After wobbling around from about - 120 to - 170, the wheels came off in the early afternoon. 

5.10.2017 Bookmark


Never a dull day....

There's no question that by now you know that FBI director Comey was fired last night. You have to know that because it's front and center on every news site, every broadcast on ever channel. 

So what's it mean? Is it important? Is the swamp getting drained? Was Comey a "bad guy?"  Who's going to take the job? 

7.13.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark

Good morning all, welcome to Wednesday.

The melt up continues. Yesterday the S&P closed at 2152, and this morning the futures have gone green once again. This run up has been extremely powerful, and quite frankly...almost unbelievable. It asks the question, who's buying all this? 

The reports continue to show that money has been leaving the equity markets for 18 weeks. ETF flows are down 20% year over year. Yet the market has blasted to all time highs.

Insiders Club - 10.29.2015 Bookmark


Morning all, welcome to another day....

Like many I decided to watch the debates last night...and for once they had some really bright spots.  I have a lot of distain for CNBC and their left leaning John Harwood, and I wasn't terribly comfortable with CNBC interviewing "conservatives".  Sure enough they were asking ridiculous questions to attack their character and FINALLY The candidates pushed back, mocking CNBC for playing for the Democrats.

Financial Intelligence Report 10.26.2014 Bookmark

It was really a wonderful piece of timing for me; that my friend and partner Phil Grande from philsgang.com decided to send me an article he’d like to express.  My wife and I were going to be pretty tied up this weekend with some travel, so having an interesting article to publish was mighty handy. So with no further ado, here’s Phil with today’s commentary….


With just 13 days left from this writing before the senate race; who would ever think that under the leadership of the democrats and President Obama (our “liar “N” chief) who’s cornerstone of his administration is lying , deception and deceit  (which is exemplified by his recent statement  “by almost every measure we are better off than the day he took office”) while his record shows more lies and deceit and quite the opposite facts:

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