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6.6.2017 Bookmark


Happy Tuesday to ya.....

Yesterday we closed out the day flat.  The DOW slipped by 22, the S&P by 3. It was another in a long string of low volume pause days.  I'm not positive but I think it was the second lowest volume day of the year. 

8.31.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Morning all, welcome to Post Primary day.  Yes indeed yesterday was the Florida primary elections for so many local and even state seats that Florida was buzzing with activity at the polls. So, last night we got to see some of the winners. There were some interesting results.

Insiders Club - 11.5.2014 Bookmark


Morning all, let's take a look at things....

Last night it became clear that a huge portion of the United States disagreed with Obama and Hillary concerning their views of the economy and what's best for America. So the Republicans swept the entire Congress, increasing their position in the House and taking a majority in the Senate.

The initial reaction from markets is that the results are "good". Our futures are up quite strong and have been rising since I first opened my eyes this morning. The idea of course is that with full control of Congress, the Republicans will be able to get some initiatives passed concerning ways to get the economy moving.

Insiders Club - 11.4.2014 Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome to Election day 2014... and the endless amount of hot air we'll have to endure as they "cover" every breathless moment. It will indeed become tiring.

So, yesterday the market was board-flat as is often the case ahead of Election day. But history shows us that more times than not, election day itself is a green day. So, we could see them step up to the plate sometime today.

At 8 am however, the futures are a bit red with the S&P off about 5 and the DOW off about 30.

11.3.2014 Election Anxiety Bookmark

Elections have consequences, and this one coming up tomorrow has a lot of possible outcomes concerning how the market reacts. The forecasts are for the Republicans to do very well, and if they do, they might start squawking about such heavy items as Benghazi, immigrations, the borders, the IRS, ISIS, Fast and Furious, etc etc. The market might not like that and react negatively. But then again if they talk about such things as being business friendly, working on the infrastructure, and eliminating the insanity of the EPA, the market could rejoice and soar higher.

Insiders Club - 11.3.2014 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome back from your weekend. I don't think it would be a stretch for me to guess that for most of you, it got "pretty darn chilly" this weekend. Even down here in Florida where it has been uncharacteristically hot all summer and fall, we got our first blast of some arctic air, pushing temps into the 40's at night. Now that isn't very impressive to someone living in say New Hampshire, but in Florida...it causes folks to put on enough clothing to resemble a yeti.  But it was all good, the sun did come out and the sky was blue and all in all, it was a welcome refreshing blast. Oh and by the way, by Wednesday we're back to 87 according to the weather guy.

10.9.2014 Market Madness! Bookmark

We have mid term elections coming up in less than a month. Over the past couple weeks the market has been acting poorly, and it was starting to look bad for Obama and his incumbents. So they needed to fix things, and do it quickly. After a big 260 point drop on Tuesday, they manufactured a perfect 260 point bounce on Wednesday. But not only that, they lined up some other ducks in a row. 

10.6.2014 Election Manipulation? Bookmark

We said way back in May of this year that the closer we get to the elections in November, the more they're going to paint the tape, and fudge the economic numbers. The President has been telling anyone that will listen about how many jobs he's created and how the stock market is proof that his agenda's and the work done by his Democrats has worked. But as anyone with a living brain cell knows, the stock market has NOTHING to do with the economy any more.


10.3.2014 JOBS DAY! Bookmark

We all know that the mid term elections are coming at us pretty quickly and it would make a lot of sense that they'd paint the tape ahead of those elections, so that the incumbents look like they're doing their jobs. So, we just got the jobs report, it came in at 248K. Not only that, the unemployment rate fell to 5.9%. That's the lowest since 2008. Right. Sure.  Wait it gets better. Remember last month where they were looking for 250K, but only got 148K?  Well that was revised up to 180K

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