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12.8.2016 Bookmark


Well that was certainly quite a show yesterday!  Silly me thought that the 2213 high set on Nov. 25th might hold as resistance for a day or two. Ha, it held for about an hour and then all hell broke loose. 300 DOW points and 29 S&P's is not insignificant. It's huge. 

That move had many asking if it was a "blow off top?" and I can certainly understand that thinking. Breaking to all time highs on a 300 point day does have the look of desperation. But you have to understand something here... we are in a time NEVER seen before. 

7.14.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


The date is....September 1998. It was during that time that we watched stocks gaining day after day despite most of the companies moving higher having no earnings. "Internet" darlings with nothing but a one sheet business plan were gaining 20 dollars per share per day. Big names like YHOO often gained 45 points per day. We were told it was a new paradigm and earnings didn't matter.  It was a melt up never seen before. Then if flattened out and traded sideways for a while. In October of 1999 it started up again and flew even higher and faster than the 98 melt up. 

Insiders Club - 12.22.2014 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to Christmas week!

For the most part the Christmas week generally brings us a low volume move slightly higher. Most of the upper level traders are already in the Hamptons celebrating the Holiday's, leaving the junior traders to "don't do anything stupid".

But because the volumes are so low, it is fairly easy for a single big order to order to move the underlying stock, so we oft times see outsized moves in single issues.

Insiders Club - 12.18.2014 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to yet another day of shaking your head.

Yesterday the market put in a 280 point gain on the heels of Yellen telling them that they're not going to get hit with any surprise rate hikes in the next several months. Yes it is true that she confused and confounded everyone by replacing "considerable time" with "be patient", but the bottom line and the one the market accepted was "the coast is clear"

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