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10.22.2020 - Insider Bookmark


Howdy all. 

Did you catch that FBI "alert" last evening?  That was sort of odd to say the least. But I guess that in 2020 there's no end to the amount of odd we're seeing. 

10.19.2017 Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome to a new day. 

Well, the mysteries continue. No matter where you look, you have to scratch your head and go "huh?"  The Vegas shooting is now a mess of misinformation that's bigger than anything I've seen since 9/11.  The news about how the FBI knew all about Hillary setting up uranium deals with Russia, including bribery and State department collusion, yet hid it all under Obama. It never ends.  Why isn't the media ( other than the poor alternative sites that get blasted by slimy main stream media) talking about this?? Hannity did a 14 minute monologue about how the FBI discovered money routing from Russia to Bill Clinton and the Hillary foundation LONG before Obama announced and granted the nuclear deal with Russia. 

7.22.2017 - The Free Newsletter is up. Bookmark

Hello all!  The Sunday edition of the Free Investing newsletter is now posted, and this week I do a little whining about information overload. In this age of "internet", so much info, so many headlines come at you, sometimes it's hard to figure out what is the most important one to write the article about.  Should I focus on the travel ban to North Korea? Does that signal something military is coming? Should I instead talk about the confirmation of the new replacement at the the FBI, that takes over Comey's old job? Maybe I should talk about the plan to release thousands of tons of radioactive water from Fukoshima into the Pacific?  See? Those and 25 others competing for space, causes some brain cramps sometimes. 


The market section deals with the never ending push to get assets higher and higher. There has to be a "real" reason for this and we try our best to present our idea as to why.   So, give it a read, it's not bad. 

10.31.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Boo!  I'm sure I didn't scare you on this Halloween morning. However, there are scared people everywhere after this weekends bombshells about Comey, Hillary, Huma,Weiner, etc. Wow what a mess. 

There's so many twists and turns to this story that piecing it all together is difficult, and no I'm not an expert on it all. But from what we can gather, 1) FBI agents were resigning left and right, feeling betrayed that Comey didn't push for indictment the first time around. 2) Agents working on the idea of Chld porn on Weiners lap top found thousands of emails to Huma, and some appeared to have been to and from Hillary's private server. Agents then approached FBI agents that had worked on the Clinton case and said "hey, we've got tens of thousands of emails on this lap top from Weiner and they look like they could have been important to you".  See... Huma swore that she had given all her "stuff" to the fed's the first time. Now we know... that's not true.  So Huma's got some explaining to do for sure

10.12.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Random Stuff

I am an internet junkie. I admit it. While many spend their days chasing Pokeymon’s and playing all manner of video games, I spend a ton of my time Online. Why? I like to learn things. It’s really quite amazing how I’ll start with an article, and that branches off to another and then you hit a link in that one and by the time an hour has gone by...you might be reading something completely removed from your original topic. Happens to me all the time.

9.11.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

September Slam?
NOTE>> Today is the 15th anniversary of 9/11.  There will be solemn observances of this event going on all across America. By all means, take your moments to pay homage to the thousands of people who were killed, and the tens of thousands that mourn the loss of their loved ones. The criminals will be outted one day...but for today, just pray for those in pain.  

7.27.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

When Worlds Collide
Follow the plot.... Hillary is proven by the FBI to have lied about sending confidential emails. Hillary is proven to have installed an unsecure server. Hillary is proved to have used multiple devices. Hillary it is suggested, might have been hacked. Hillary’s faithful say “move along, there’s nothing to see here.”

Bernie attracts hordes of fairly uneducated but highly emotional young people who think something’s rotten in Denmark. He imparts into their brains that he’s the fine upstanding human that feels their pain and understands how unfair life is. He’s going to show them by example how wonderful Democracy is and that their votes count. By the literal millions, they march arm in arm for their man Bernie. But a problem arises.

7.24.2016- Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

We just wrapped up the Republican Conventions and it ended with a speech by Donald Trump. The left has gone apoplectic over the things that were said, and ended up calling it “dark” and “doom and gloom”. It was nothing of the sort.

Tom Brokaw had this to say...“Others looking in are going to see someone they will only think as a demagogue of some kind.” George Stephanopoulos, a former Democratic operative, echoed his colleague Chuck Todd: “He [Trump] painted a dark picture of where America stands today.” For emphasis, Stephanopoulos repeated, “And Martha Raddatz, a pretty dark speech.” Chuck Todd labeled, “I thought it was an extraordinarily dark speech.” Republican operative Nicolle Wallace lamented, “We are now represented as a party by a man who believes in protectionism, isolationism and nativism.”

7.7.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to another day in the looney bin.

Yesterday, they goosed the market a bit harder than I thought they would, and planted the S&P right on that magic 2100 level. Now the question becomes this....are they going to push for more, or are we going to see the pattern of reaching 2100 and then fading off a bit?  It's a legit question.

7.6.2016 - The FBI Sells us down the River Bookmark

On Tuesday, Mr. Comey from the FBI came out of the clear blue to offer a press statement about Hillary and the Email situation. For the first 85% of his speech you were absolutely convinced he was going to go for a conviction. But then out of the clear blue, he changed direction and said he would recommend NOT going after a criminal charge.  It was like a punch to the gut for everyone that thought there was still the slightest idea of "rule of law" in America.

Evidently there is not. After showing check by check how Hillary had indeed sent and received classified emails on a non secure private server, how he explained they were extremely careless, after suggesting she was probably hacked by foreign "bad guys", he then says that she didn't do it with intent of malice and therefore there's nothing to see here.  What a crock of S*^t that is. She perfectly broke the law, he proved it and then because his "bosses" said make it go away...he took the dive. We've become a Banana republic. 

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