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3.18.2017 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

The Commercial/Selling a Put
I got an email the other day from a gent who was watching TV, and a commercial came on. In that “financial” based commercial, there was a conversation between a client and what appears to be either his broker, or advisor. In the flow of conversation, the advisor says to the client, “well we might consider selling a put...”  to which the client says something like “that’s an interesting idea.”

8.22.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome back from your weekend. I hope it was a wonderful time for you all.  For me, I've been playing bachelor dude, as the wife is up in NJ visiting her dad. On Saturday evening I had my friend over to watch the UFC fights as Connor MacGregor was rematched with Nate Diaz. It was quite the fight. Good food, good drink, good company and a great fight card. Life is good.  Then on Sunday, an odd twist. A small dog decided it liked hanging out in my garage. I got it some water ( still 96 degrees down here) and looked for a tag. Well it had one but it was from 2014, and no name or address just a register number. Hmm.  I got our old leash and the little cutie was fine with it all. In fact, it led me back to the door, and I kid you not...it knew just how to open the "lever" handle on the door to the living room. Pretty amazing.   I handed the dog off to my son and went banging on some neighbors doors. No one knew the dog.

1.8.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Well yesterday certainly was a joy, eh? In what has become the worst start to a new year ....EVER, we lost yet another 392 DOW points and over 40 S&P's.  Except for the 10 point up day on Tuesday, this market has been in full tilt crash mode. Sure there's China slowing. Sure there's the mess over in Iran/Saudi Arabia. Sure there's a lot of things. But it seems like Richard Fisher from the Dallas Fed is the ONLY person of any importance that called it for what it is. He said flat out that the Fed's frontloaded a monster market rally to build the wealth effect. And worse...or maybe better...he said "And I helped do it". 

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