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10.14.2020 - Free Newsletter Bookmark

What’s left to say?

When you’re a market “pundit” you’re supposed to talk about the market. But when you have an election of this importance lurking, talking about that election makes a lot of sense. Why? Because markets do indeed move based on political reasons as well as fundamentals, and what have you.

4.9.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome back from what I hope was a great weekend for you all. Mine was particularly fun as a friend of mine that I hadn't seen in a year, was able to come over and join myself, my son and my buddy Ted to watch the UFC fights on Saturday night. There was a good time of eating,drinking and conversing to be had for sure. It's always a good time when you get a chance to reunite with people you can't see that often. 

11.1.2017 - Free Newsletter Bookmark

Hope for the Best
I’ve said this a few times in various newsletters of the past.  The fact is, that your entire existence is reliant on other people. Without the drilling, there’s no oil, no gas. Without the electric company, there’s no power. Without the farmers, there’s no food. Without the town/county most would have no water. On and on it goes. Where would you get rope or a rubber band, or a piece of wire, or a new knife, if “someone else” didn’t make it? While you seem to be independent, you are connected to the system at the hip.  We’re like one huge organism, and each part of it interacts with other parts to keep the whole thing alive.

9.17.2017 - Free Investing Newsletter Bookmark

The Storm

Hello everyone, I've made it through the storm.  I'm sorry about not putting out a letter on Sunday or Wednesday, but as you all know, Hurricane Irma made a visit to our part of Florida and well, things just took a bit of time to get 'normal".
For some in Florida, normal won't be for two years. For others like me, normal started showing up Thursday when the power came on. So, while I don't want to bore you with all the gory details, let me give you the Readers Digest version of things.

9.6.2017 The Wrath of Irma Bookmark

So it's now Wednesday and all the models still have Irma taking a dump on Florida. I live in Florida. Gas is hard to find, water impossible. With all that in mind, I put out some of the weather related sites that I use to keep an eye on things.  I wrote today's piece on Monday, Labor day as I was watching the spaghetti strings continue to point to South Florida. It didn't leave me feeling warm and fuzzy. 

12.8.2014 McDonalds Misses Again Bookmark

While I'm certainly not a fan of MCD, the fact is that some one with a real money problem can at least put something in their kids tummy for two dollars. The dollar menu has fed a lot of the worlds poorer folks for years. But, MCD hasn't had a rising same store sales report in over a year. So, either folks don't need economically to eat there, or they don't even have the spare cash for a trip to see the clown.

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